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for A Hawk's Freedom

9/3 c3 Guest
This is just weird, I've got nothing against gay people or any other sexual orientation. But when it's this forced and every other character is OOC, you reverse sexual morality in this world, it's role reversal. I can't relate to this story at all and I've got no problem reading gay stories. You should put a warning saying it's AU and everyone is gay and females are evil.
8/4 c1 Nexue R
is the AO3 account
7/14 c32 Guest
Soooo? You aren’t writing this anymore?!
6/28 c32 10Death's BlackOut
archiveofourown works/32246224/chapters/79926649
6/28 c32 9523046dreams
I absolutely love You're a hawk's freedom story I can't wait for you to update soon I tried looking for your other link I'm afraid I can't find it
6/28 c32 16freefall-gypsy
typed it into google can't find it,
6/28 c32 kyradelia
tu peux donner le lien ou juste ton nom d'auteur sur ao3? j'ai chercher avec celui ci et le lien que t'as donner ici et ça ne donne rien
j'adore cette histoire et j'aimerais vraiment avoir l'occasion de continuer a la suivre
merci d'avance
6/28 c32 3Leticia Moriarty
hi i love this story and WILL be continuing reading it on ao3 but fanfiction doesnt let u copy and paste links so could u tell us ur user name for ao3 so we can find u please
5/8 c29 Tenshima
Finalmente! Amei os momentos shanks e mihawk, e mihawk, luffy e ace! f-o-f-u-r-a total!
2/27 c31 sneakyshiva
I love the story and am sad it's on hiatus but when it isn't anymore I will love to read the rest.
1/9 c31 19exaigon
Hi! I'm really sad this hasn't been updated in a long while but it has inspired me! Would you be willing to let me write a story like this? Using elements like Scath and such?
11/20/2020 c31 2acetwolf94
7/29/2020 c31 Khenzani
This is almost evil , u set the stage for a possible continuation up until Ace's execution. However, I understand how difficult it is to keep writing and i just want to thank you for an amazing story.
7/8/2020 c30 Moran9-Ashborn
what would this ship be called shawks or minks hahahahah
I know they sound weird.
6/22/2020 c1 4Alyssa Namikaze Uchiha
I have so no problem if he wants to show off xD
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