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7/7/2015 c17 AngelKitty27
7/4/2014 c17 53FireFaithe Pikamon01
(Gasp) UPDATE IT! #O#
7/4/2014 c12 FireFaithe Pikamon01
It was fun! EDDDDD
7/4/2014 c1 FireFaithe Pikamon01
3/12/2014 c17 love crimson red ray88
i so wanna know whts in that box so update as soon as possible okXD
3/11/2014 c17 freespirited309
Following. Good work. Wonder what will happen *snickers*
2/11/2014 c17 2BrunetteBeauty14
It's good I'd like an update I feel maka should get hurt or something on a mission
2/1/2014 c15 Chad Souma
My fave chapter so far. I really felt all the emotions. My eyes watered up.
1/30/2014 c16 someone
Make the chapters longer
1/30/2014 c13 Jessica Talom
These r de animes ive been waching over the year some I may spell wrong so tell me dokay
shugo chara
save me lollipop
mermaid melody(both seasons)
siekon no qwaser
princess lovers
ouran highschool host club
gakuen alice
Girls bravo or bravo girls
and more that I just forgot
1/3/2014 c17 4GeekyGirl19
I loved the chapter and I love the outfits so much! XD Can't wait till the next chapter! XD
1/2/2014 c17 Alicenee
*_* I love it ! :D can't wait for the next chapter ! :) I wonder if Reo plans something...
12/23/2013 c16 GeekyGirl19
noooooo don't do this to meeeeeee...Anyway thanks for I wanna guess on something. So Mikan is going on a mission to "think about something else besides Natsume", but Natsume is gonna be her partner on the mission isn't he?! Hehehe loved the it so please update ASAP?! XD
12/16/2013 c16 Alicenee
It's good please update fast ! :D
A snowstorm?! OMG! Isn't that pretty scary ? I hope nothing bad happens :D
12/15/2013 c16 7Animefreak2000
NATSUME WHy DID YOU DO THAT t-t-to p-poor M-Mikan whahaaaa it's just so sad !
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