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for The Fall of Five

1/17/2014 c11 Guest
I like the story. If I could remember my account info I would follow you and the story.
10/10/2013 c11
Hey! I just found this story, and I love it! :D

Is this going to continue along with the other new story? I hope so ;)

Update soon!
8/27/2013 c10 ANON 321
Yay! Can't be bothered to log in but I love that they are all going to be together. I'm looking forward to their reactions to adamus and to them meeting up with Sarah. I also happen to love Six/Sam so great chapter.
8/28/2013 c10 Mysteryfanaticno1
Sorry I didn't review before. This chapter was good. I liked it a lot. Update soon.
8/26/2013 c10
Awww, love the Marina and Eight moments! So cute! :D update soon!
8/25/2013 c10 Arctica Caerulea
All right, um how did Ella turn older? I'm gonna reread the previous chapters again. But anyways, love it, update soon!
8/25/2013 c10 1NinesByDawn
Where are John and Ella?
8/25/2013 c9 NinesByDawn
Cliffhanger :( update soon!
8/25/2013 c8 9PD106
I learned from a spoiler that the large skeleton in Malcolm underground lair is Pittacus remains. Pittacus died. It was after the invasion of Lorien and the Garde was still om the ship. Pittacus came to Malcolm's house and told him about the loric and mogs, and the nine garde. Then Pittacus died of his wounds, malcolm was the first Greeter and thats how he became a greeter.
But I was confused about pittacus death, he could easily heal himself. I think Setrakus stole his legacies somehow
8/25/2013 c9 Mysteryfanaticno1
This chapter was good. Hope nothing happens to Five and the others. Update soon.
8/25/2013 c8 Mysteryfanaticno1
Sarah is training with Devdan. Yay. What's Five doing in West Virginia? This story is getting exciting. Update soon.
8/24/2013 c8 5Eura Gaia
oh wow I just started reading your story... and i love it! update soon! and, if you don't mind, can you check out mine too?
8/24/2013 c8 1NinesByDawn
Wonder if Sarah will meet Malcolm and Sam again. Update soon!
8/24/2013 c7 NinesByDawn
Great, can't wait to see what they come up with.
8/24/2013 c7 Arctica Caerulea
Oh, wow, this is pretty great! I really like it! But I have a question: If they found the other Chimaera but not Adam, won't they be suspicious about who drove the car? Wouldn't the Mogs know better than leave the site and cause another incident similar to SIx's escape last time? You don't have to answer but I'm really curious.
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