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1/12/2016 c6 4Stars to Ami
O.O Wow...that went so fast from the beginning...guilty pleasure: update! I want to know what happens next...
10/9/2014 c6 Isabel
I know it's been a while but please update if possible
9/18/2014 c6 Guest
Oh my god what is wrong with you
7/22/2014 c6 Guest
Love hate relationship u and me wright a chapter
7/5/2014 c6 3song.casterwill
please please update soon i have to see what happens
5/5/2014 c6 dhvdnkbabio
4/25/2014 c6 15MissAnderson92
Let me just start by saying,
I. Love. Your. Story.

I read a lot of divergent fanfictions and have done since I saw the film. Believe it or not I had never even heard of it until the film came out...(I know, I'm literally kicking myself don't worry) But since I saw it I've made my own personal mission to read each and every one. Especially 'Fourtris' Because I LOVE them.

When I started reading yours I was startled, it wasn't what I was expecting (Don't worry, nothing bad). It was DIFFERENT. UNIQUE.

I've read so many about the war not happening and FourTris training initiates together. I find some of them quite alike, although this doesn't bother me too much (Because as long as they have a good story line, they're worth a read) What stood out to me about yours is that unlike others (No offence to anyone) is that you don't use all the 'famous quotes'. For instance, you pointed out that no-one commented about Four's name being a number. Your initiates are a seperate group of people and you haven't tried to align them with the original group. (Again, I don't have a problem with anyone that does do that, its just nice to see something different) I LOVE YOU FOR THAT.

Its very well written, has a good storyline. Hope you update soon.

Just thought you should know! (:
4/20/2014 c6 Dauntless10
*Tear* *tear* *sob* Tris I'm o sorry girl, I'm with you all the way!
4/20/2014 c5 Dauntless10
The fight should've continued after she got up and punched him, it was kinds short.
4/20/2014 c3 Dauntless10
Well I know that I would be if I was in Tris's place, so I can't blame her, and besides I guess we know how Tobias reacted to Tris staring at him all the time, that is after he kissed her. LOVED THE ENDING!
4/20/2014 c2 Dauntless10
Geese the transfers are organized this year! I'm wondering how Fours going to react to Tris staring at him all the time.
4/20/2014 c6 1mskatgonzlez
Pls! The next chapter! This is sooooo good! Kudos!
3/30/2014 c6 2booksxforxlife
Awww, poor Tris:'( Aaaanyways...where the heck is the next chapter?! You need to update! Soon, please? 0:)
3/30/2014 c5 booksxforxlife
Ouch. Maybe he's just upset because he doesn't know why she left. Great work! I love this story! :)
3/30/2014 c3 booksxforxlife
Yes! Go, Tris! And Four, I guess. Keep up the good work!
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