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for The Walking Dead: Diary of a Survivor

8/21/2013 c2 Allen Pitt
On anti-walker defenses, I really liked what that one guy did (in the ep where Rick went back to the guy who'd helped him when he first woke up). Note the obstacle course. Walkers are incredibly stupid. Narrow twisty passage, with spears sticking out-Walkers would 'walk' right into them and get stuck, where a human would simply go around. Just sayin'...
And yeah, if a group is organized it should do quite well. I will never understand the world of "WD" -where everybody everywhere lost out so rapidly and easily.
Their biggest problems are food/water etc and bands of raiders who'd rather 'take than make'. A non-evil "Governor" type could rapidly put together a decent sized town...
8/19/2013 c1 Allen Pitt
And this group is already doing better than most in the show, at least as well as Hershel's farm (without the insanity of herding walkers into a barn hoping to find a 'cure' one day). I still don't understand how the army lost control so thoroughly. Then again we only see one group in Georgia, there might be other areas that are doing a lot better.
At least this is a low population area. But being right near an interstate, that's bad... Farm, that's good...
They need to build up their numbers if at all possible. Woodbury under the Gov. was a going concern because they had a large group, they could fence off an area and defend it...

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