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12/31/2014 c14 Madamexx
Oooh this was a good chapter. I think Beth is going to take off, but of course Demetri will track her. He already watches everything she does. You’ve done such a good job showing Beth’s alienation. She doesn’t realize though that almost everybody cares about her, especially Anna, and of course Marcus and Renita, even Aro. She’s thinking she’s alone, but she’s not. I’m really excited about the next chapter. I hope you update soon.
12/30/2014 c13 Madamexx
Poor Beth. I feel her despair and the distance growing between her and Anna. I almost wonder if Beth would be happier with the Cullens simply because she wouldn’t be asked to perform such unpleasant tasks. And that must be hard for her to go back and see her family. I can’t imagine just staying outside and not going in to hug them. :(
12/29/2014 c12 Madamexx
For some crazy reason I get the feeling Beth might try to save Harrison. It just seems like something she might do, because she has such a big heart, especially for the downtrodden. Yet Harrison could turn on her, and would Aro forgive Beth even with Anna pleading for her. I get the feeling things are about to get tricky. :o
12/28/2014 c11 Madamexx
Hahaha I don’t know why, but I just get a big kick out of Beth and Demetri. I almost think he had hopes of wooing her a little bit, but they both are so surly to each other it never works out. What an exhausting relationship. I have every belief though that if they ever came together, they’d be fiercely devoted to each other.

As for Aro and Anna, I think it’s sweet how he always tries to protect her, yet we all know she’s quite strong. Lovely chapter.

I’m starting to get bummed because I’m catching up. :(
12/27/2014 c10 Madamexx
Oh yes, I can imagine Beth would be quite interested with the Cullens and would probably feel more comfortable with them.
I like how Beth is always fascinated with everyone she meets. :D
12/26/2014 c9 Madamexx
Hahaha Is Demetri is jealous.

Again I can see why Beth would be attracted to Alastair. It's because he's alienated like her and Marcus. I could see Beth leaving and joining Alastair quite easily. I get the feeling now though that Demetri would try to track her down. This is getting good. :DDD
12/25/2014 c8 Madamexx
“Enough bickering,” Downstairs, Jane drawled. “You can kiss on the journey.”

Hahaha Jane sees it too. Demetri and Beth are perfect for each other.

Now this is an interesting turn. What's going to happen when Beth returns home? And how many werewolves are there? This could be very dangerous.
12/24/2014 c7 Madamexx
Yes, I must admit, it's grim thinking of Anthenodora spending her eternal life stuck in the tower. I almost want to write a story about her breaking away.

On another note, I keep wondering if Marcus is going to find out about what really happened to Didyme.

And now we have a new outside threat - the Children of the Moon coming into the story. I think Aro is going to be relieved he has Anna and her gift.

Anyway, I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas, my dear!
12/22/2014 c6 Madamexx
I think you do such a great job showing Beth’s alienation. No wonder Marcus and she are drawn to each other. They both are outsiders.
12/21/2014 c5 Madamexx
I'm really enjoying Beth's grumpy narrative as she gets settled back into Volterra castle. I must admit though, I'm kind of bummed to see her with Marcus instead of Demetri. Marcus is a sweetie, but a relationship with Beth and Demetri would be so much fun. I trust you though as the author to go in the perfect direction. :DDD
12/20/2014 c4 Madamexx
Yay, Anna and Aro finally get to be together. You’ve built up the anticipation and their love quite nicely.

And I’m glad to see Beth has a new friend in Renata. And that's funny to know even Renita knows Beth vexes Demetri. :D
12/19/2014 c3 Madamexx
Hahaha Beth is so quick to think the worse of Aro. In fact, I think she's hoping for it, so she can have her sister back. Despite that Beth is trying being generous. I still get the feeling Anna may look up and find Beth gone. That is unless Aro finds a way to charm Beth too.
12/19/2014 c2 Madamexx
That was kind of Beth, telling Anna to go back and be with Aro, even though she really doesn't want to go herself. Somehow I get the feeling Beth won't stay for long. She seems to restless to stay with the Volturi.
12/18/2014 c1 Madamexx
Ooh Beth and Demetri are being somewhat civil with each other? And that’s actually kind of romantic him following her and approaching her in the forest that way (even if he was ordered to do it.) You know Beth would miss him if he wasn’t around. Lol
I get the feeling Demetri will talk Anna into returning. :D
9/1/2014 c10 masalta2
Hahaha her and Demetri are hilarious. Please don't make us have to wait long for an update please please
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