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12/16/2023 c18 chriswillis0923
harry i can understand being a shapeshifter but Ginny weasley hell no.
12/15/2023 c3 chriswillis0923
another story where he is the heir of every damn house in the wizarding world... stupid
12/15/2023 c1 chriswillis0923
why would he keep Evan's as a name? I think the author was confused about marriage names
10/29/2023 c6 James Lysander
I really HATE Ron Weasley. He is a disgrace as a Pureblood, expecting others to do his
work for him.
8/17/2023 c26 nightpurr1
This was a very interesting story. Cliffhanger can't wait to find out what is next
8/14/2023 c13 UnsoughtAngel
Hey! Another solo pagan who was so so so happy to see irl rituals in FF work! I loved your depiction of your Samhain ritual and the trouble you went thru to explain it. Pagan inspired ffs are my favourites so thank you for a great read. You're a great author and your effort is appreciateda reading author
8/5/2023 c9 l30rusty
7/31/2023 c35 2wsbenge
Dumbledore remains the educated idiot. Quiet Light Lord.

Harry is Grey. Tom is Dark, possibly duplicitous. Neutral?

No one else communicating? Dumbledore would seem to be wanting to put in a couple knuts.
7/30/2023 c3 gemini shawty
harry being shitloaded rich and heir to 100000 houses is my favorite trope
7/26/2023 c1 Annabeth Slytherin1
Hi! can i translate your fanfic into russian? here is my profile on /authors/2920863.
7/10/2023 c29 6ImUpToNoGood
Still loving the story.

It always disturbs me when people use “males” and “females” to refer to people. When used as nouns, they typically refer to animals, and the ones who tend to use them to refer to people tend to be misogynists. In this chapter, you used “girls” and “males” which are not equivalent. If there are a mixture of adults and children, “guys” works. “Girls” and “boys” work for children. “Men” and “women” work for adults.

Sorry for the rant… those words have baggage that intruded into your story.
7/10/2023 c23 ImUpToNoGood
Swift trial, once Sirius finally got it!

Note: Harry would not know to call Sirius Padfoot yet, or if he read it in a journal, would not use it automatically. If you meant that he deliberately used it to build rapport with his godfather, we either need to see where he learned of the name, or need to have a comment at the time of him using the name like: ‘“Hey Padfoot,” Harry said, using the name he read in his mother’s journal, hoping the nickname would help awaken the man from his daze.’

By the way, does shifting grey imply a dappled grey where the various shades of grey are moving like clouds? Or do you just mean a variegated grey?

Thanks for writing.
7/9/2023 c21 ImUpToNoGood
When you said the Malfoys want to hoist Harry’s birthday party, I had the mental image of everyone in the party hoisted up with pulleys. I think you meant host. The problem with word errors is that the wrong word adds it’s meaning, and that ends up being either distracting or hilarious.

Other than the fairly frequent (and distracting) word choice errors, the story just keeps getting more interesting! Thanks for writing!
7/9/2023 c15 ImUpToNoGood
This is a fun read.

A few word choice errors in each chapter make me stop and have to figure out what you meant. In recent chapters there were mixups between compliant (obedient) vs. complement (goes with, enhances) vs. compliment (flatter / flattering remark), for example.

Nevertheless, your story is enjoyable.
7/8/2023 c3 ImUpToNoGood
Enjoying it so far.

Word choice error: impending means about to happen. I think you meant that the bank was imposing, meaning impressive.
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