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for Silver Tongue

5h c5 Seimika
I really hope both harry and his aunt go see a healer
1/23 c4 Booklovinkitten
* her venom, snakes are venomous.
1/5 c49 1DoraLupinTonks
wow...just mind blowing. i will head over to A03 to read the second part. THANK YOU!
12/29/2022 c48 2022elfinladyluvsbla
12/26/2022 c5 nightpurr1
Enjoying this story. I hope Snape's view changes toward Harry. I like reading stories of a smart Harry and/or powerful Harry as he growers in the magical world. Nightpurr
12/17/2022 c48 kkeenergirl
looked for you under shadow hidden by the moon on a03 and can't find you! I liked this story... was hoping you had a sequel started.
11/26/2022 c49 1Darknessdawns
Absolutely amazing story. Though it is unfortunate that you moved sites rather than dual post. It is also unfortunate that this version hasn't had the update and edit of the Ao3 version. At any rate it is still a wonderful piece and definitely deserves a read.
11/22/2022 c8 nightpurr1
Really am enjoying your story. Love the way Harrison is making such a strong statement and is so sure of his self without being stuck up. Thanks for the entertainment.
11/6/2022 c25 nightpurr1
just dropping a line to let you know that I really like your story. Great imagination also. Thanks for the entertainment.
11/3/2022 c33 EnJay10
Has anyone ever mentioned that this fic greatly resembles another one titled The Rise of a Dark Lord by Little. Miss. Xanda?
11/3/2022 c9 3lordvitiris
Is there a link to the archive place? Would like to finish reading this story.
11/2/2022 c49 xXCrimsonAceXx
Her Username on Archive of our own is ShadowHiddenByTheMoon No spaces
Typed Exactly like that (ShadowHiddenByTheMoon) Just figuard it out Spaces
In usernames matter and if you have them it won't work
10/30/2022 c1 xXCrimsonAceXx
[Harry P., Voldemort, Tom R. Jr.] What does that mean? Is it two toms or one?
I haven't started reading yet, Just wanted to know before I started.
10/11/2022 c48 Angelslayer894
Thank you so much for one of the best alternative stories on Fan Fiction
10/10/2022 c2 Yub
The "Harrison James Evans Potter" thing is so dumb. Idk why people who write fanfics for harry potter think its cool to just tack names onto him. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up Lord Harrison James Evans Potter-Black-Peverell-Slytherin because everybody does that for some reason.
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