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7/8/2023 c3 6ImUpToNoGood
Enjoying it so far.

Word choice error: impending means about to happen. I think you meant that the bank was imposing, meaning impressive.
5/26/2023 c48 Guest
i love most parts of this story except Tom's relationship with a 15 year old. I feel like if you wanted to work, you would have to have aged Tom down and even that it would still be creepy because they're 15. idk good writing that just killed it for me
4/14/2023 c49 Noeliacruz92
so sad i want the part two
3/20/2023 c49 Shiaira73
What is the name of the story on that site? is there a link?
3/12/2023 c7 moonlighting162
I'm thinking of slytherin
2/27/2023 c9 StellarJade
This is obviously a crack-fic, everyone in first year just throwing up shields and dueling each other.
1/29/2023 c49 Seimika
Well fuck guess I won't be reading the sequel/second part since I have issues with archive
1/28/2023 c5 Seimika
I really hope both harry and his aunt go see a healer
1/23/2023 c4 Booklovinkitten
* her venom, snakes are venomous.
1/5/2023 c49 1DoraLupinTonks
wow...just mind blowing. i will head over to A03 to read the second part. THANK YOU!
12/29/2022 c48 2022elfinladyluvsbla
12/26/2022 c5 nightpurr1
Enjoying this story. I hope Snape's view changes toward Harry. I like reading stories of a smart Harry and/or powerful Harry as he growers in the magical world. Nightpurr
12/17/2022 c48 kkeenergirl
looked for you under shadow hidden by the moon on a03 and can't find you! I liked this story... was hoping you had a sequel started.
11/26/2022 c49 1Darknessdawns
Absolutely amazing story. Though it is unfortunate that you moved sites rather than dual post. It is also unfortunate that this version hasn't had the update and edit of the Ao3 version. At any rate it is still a wonderful piece and definitely deserves a read.
11/22/2022 c8 nightpurr1
Really am enjoying your story. Love the way Harrison is making such a strong statement and is so sure of his self without being stuck up. Thanks for the entertainment.
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