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9/28/2022 c49 crystalite2081
Link or official username?
9/27/2022 c49 2Lexie-chan94
No creí volver a ver noticias de esta historia
7/28/2022 c48 LoubellRose
I haven't read this in a few years. Since before you finished it actually. I hope you do end up doing the other book you said you were going to. Hopefully it's just as fantastic as this one is.
7/8/2022 c48 5zealous soul
WTH! Where's the sequel or the next fic? Such a bad cliff-hanger. Please write the next fic soon .
6/23/2022 c48 1SlytherinToNyx
I've been reading fanfiction for almost 2 decades now, and it's so rare to find a story I haven't read and enjoyed so much. I really hope one day you continue this.
5/17/2022 c1 1gullu.ozcan75
Someone is posting your story on wattpad with giving rights story/282374617-the-silver-tongue
5/15/2022 c11 BLWebtoon weeb
I just realized, you know how common evil villians pet their cat when makeing a plan? Well dumbledore eats lemon drops when doing so.
3/22/2022 c48 Pizzalover1.0
Nooooo, I’m so sad it’s over
2/22/2022 c48 SunPho3n1x
Great story!
1/31/2022 c20 V.S. Lawson
aww i kinda hoped you would call them the shadow knights, but i guess this name works too.
1/31/2022 c3 vivinene
This is so tiring to read all those unrealistic money investments and items in the vaults and so on…
1/11/2022 c1 jerk1squirrel4
Please write a sequel
1/7/2022 c13 Lucilia
Hi. I really like this story! Thanks.
I just saw your profile after reading the AN and can I ask if your eyes really actually change color? Just curious.
I’m excited to read the rest! I hope Luna Lovegood joins in the next chapter or so, since I love her. Thanks again.
12/15/2021 c48 azziegirl0820
when's the sequel to this?
12/3/2021 c16 1Selina Potter5
How does all that play into quidditch matches between the 2?
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