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for The Elemental Casanova

8/21/2014 c13 HeavyMetal84
Good chapter. Great lemon. Looking forward to the next chapter. Peace.
8/20/2014 c2 Zentari2238
Hope to god Naruto finds a different way to entertain the women, those songs are atrocious .
8/9/2014 c13 LookOutReader
I'm curious how many of the smaller countries you plan on getting involved w/ Naruto, mainly those from a movie like snow and demon country. Ooh and omakes are usually not counted as happening in the story, is this true for URs too?
8/7/2014 c13 46Soulhope The Wolf
great fic keep the omakes coming. cant wait for the next chapter to come out cause i want to see what happens with the kages... well the ones who are not old woman.
8/7/2014 c10 Soulhope The Wolf
lol. i loved the omake both womens crazy mix well together.
8/3/2014 c13 Doombug
damn I love this story, it is a great change of pace from what I normally seem to read. I really enjoyed this and will be adding this to my follow/favorite list. I'd love to read more chapters when you have the time to write them.
8/3/2014 c4 Soulhope The Wolf
post thought. it would be nice if you described the gender bent girls looks before the lemons. as its your story you sould describe the males tirned into girls looks. its a good story by the way im just trying to give some tips as hi have a strong likeing to thsi perticlular story type.
8/3/2014 c5 Soulhope The Wolf
you could better describe a woman body ie nipple color and hair down below or clean shaven or shaved into a serten shape stuff like that. makes a better picture form. of course that is only during the first lemons seen with the woman or if you feel like it as much as you care to do.
8/1/2014 c13 sakura89luis
is naruto goin to take control of the elemental nation. can't wait to read another of naruto's shenanigans.
8/1/2014 c12 sakura89luis
im loving naruto's new attitude and great chapter.
7/27/2014 c13 Kaiju Rinnegan
Will Fuu, the Seven Tails' Jinnchuriki, be part of this story and harem?
7/29/2014 c13 120991ln
wow so good i love that naruto has really decided to bea man be with the females that want him and love him continue but hoping u do so faster thanu did before
7/27/2014 c13 246vili
I was starting to think you abandoned this fic.

Ohohoo! The first part of the Exams were true torture for the hopefuls alright. Naruto will 'have his hands full' when the kages arrive. Hehehe.
7/28/2014 c1 genesicgaogaigarvsgodgundam
cool story
7/28/2014 c13 3ncpfan
LOL - Okay, Hiruko's response to Naruto's query about her "pumping him out" was classic! That was absolutely hilarious! But then making him the proctor of the first exam? Ingenious! I don't think I've ever seen that done before.

Of course, his way of eliminating the kunoichi hopefuls taking the first exam was also brilliant. Although, I thought you could have taken it one step farther: Naruto could have given a "tenth question": "If you quit right now, as a reward for making it this far, I'll have sex with you! So - a night with me, or the chance to become chunin? What'll it be?" How many others might have quit the exam at THAT offer?

And then that new cult? Very intriguing direction to take "fangirl syndrome" - and you're right: Naruto can turn that into something useful. If nothing else, it might certainly make village loyalty a moot point. After all, if these cults popped up in the other major villages, the cultists might actually be able to hinder everyone else's efforts to try to kidnap him because he could make a directive about it in some form or fashion. That was another ingenious stroke, my friend.

Nice touch with the Omake, as well. Definitely looking forward to more.
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