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3/5 c1 ColonelBriteis
Most amusing; worthy of J.M. DeMatteis’s bwa-ha-ha days, even though my feeling is that Bruce probably cooks well enough since it’s a survival skill. I’m impressed but not surprised that you know Aspirin was a brand name, but are you aware that “Band-Aid” is a registered trademark of Johnson & Johnson? Or that “Oreo” cookies became, at least for a time, “Chocos” for safety's sake?
12/8/2020 c1 Guest
Ha ha ha ha ha ha. So great! But wait he didn't cook then?
11/10/2017 c1 15RoseVered
Nailed it! LOL
12/6/2014 c1 stijk2014
Lol , and Batman drops the mike and walks away. Saying in his head stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
11/1/2014 c1 4Emmy Rain
Awesome idea, I love this
8/19/2013 c1 17shadowneko003
Lol. Babs told him to buy meds and a bottle of a ridiciously expensive alcohol. XD
8/19/2013 c1 18RedwingRising
Great job! Bruce's solution was epic! :D

8/19/2013 c1 97AJRedRobin
This gave me a laugh this morning.
8/19/2013 c1 8zenfrodo

"Surely it is not beyond your capabilities to bake a simple tray of snickerdoodles?" ROFLMAO - omg, omg omg...I really needed the laugh this morning. This. Is. HYSTERICAL. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

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