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for A Second Chance

8/26/2013 c3 sugarbabies
just right to make me love this
8/25/2013 c3 2ranma hibiki
*falls off the back of my chair, rolls backwards along the floor and lands upside down against the wall still laughing* I was fearfully expecting it to focus on tsukune, or to start to calm down, but this is excellent!

keep up the great work! cant' wait for the next update! D
8/25/2013 c3 2Sblck
funny as hell
can't wait for the update
who will you pair sirius and remus with?
8/24/2013 c3 48Angel wolf11021
please write more soon this is so funny
8/23/2013 c3 4Kmon13
This is great!

A catfight between Gabriel and Kurumu! (Wow !)

Sirius, Remus, and Luna have joined the campus. (kudos on Luna keeping Gin on a short leash...hehe)

It make me wonder what the aftermath of Dumbledork's actions will bring when he finds out that his puppet transferred to Youkai Academy out of his reach. Same goes for Fudge and Umbridge when they attempt to slander him and he's not present to take it...( I could already the chaos it would bring!)

It also make me wonder what will happen Ginny finds out about Mizore and Yukari staking their claim on harry's heart along with Gabriel. Plus I don't think her Harpy of her mother will help her since their parents are powerfull enough to make Voldermort and his death eaters think twice about invading their lands. ((However it would be interesting to see how Fairy Tale would like finding out about Harry and Mizore's relation ship and the Bounty on Harry's head by the Minstry/ Order of the Phoniex/ Death Eaters for his wereabouts ))

Then theres the fact I know the Headmaster of Youkai academy being a hell lord will refuse to give harry up due to the fact that he likes chaos... and having Death master isn't being a chaos magnet I don't know what is...

So with that said bravo and keep writing.

8/22/2013 c3 28Puidwen
I love this.
8/21/2013 c3 cool
love it
keep up the great work
8/21/2013 c2 17Green Priestess
Hey, how about having Harry learn wandless magic, or use bracelets or gloves as his medium? In a school like this, wands are...inconvenient, especially if he faces high-speed monsters who specialize in combat?
8/21/2013 c3 mattcun
plz write more
8/20/2013 c3 1Starcrossedmoon
LoL I love this it is awsome
8/20/2013 c3 17Green Priestess
This looks fun!
8/20/2013 c3 5Mirthful-Malady
I love slightly-off!Harry.
8/20/2013 c3 5Taboo22
great chapters I loved it!
8/20/2013 c3 1treavellergirl
8/20/2013 c3 176Firehedgehog
cackles evilly.. nice
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