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3/28 c10 Raging Tsundere
Where do I start? I don't think there even is a fair place for me to start. I started shipping these two as a joke at my friend's expense, she absolutely hates me for it and any time I bring it up she scowls at me.

But I can say with certainty that this is the best AoT work of fanfiction I have ever consumed. The lighthearted start, passionate middle, the angsty middle-middle, and the even more angsty middle-end to passionate end. Though only twelve chapters, I loved this story. It made my heart happy for the two, break it, and piece it back together with their reconciliation at the end.

Even if this ship is seen as worthy of capital punishment by most of the fanbase (or exclusively my friend), I'd do exactly as the chapter name says and go down with it. Wonderful story, once again.

P.S. I saw a few nasty comments on this work before I started reading. Don't let that stuff ever divulge you from your writing. This fic was executed perfectly. I saw in this fic you advertised "Malevolence," so, onto that now!
3/7 c10 choclair
Beautiful story <3
2/23/2021 c12 2LazyTitan12
ah, the story is dead and ended right when I was really getting i to it
2/18/2021 c12 Guest
Half assed
2/16/2021 c12 2High Calibur X
I hope you come back to this story.
2/2/2021 c1 2AkaDeca
Pretty cool
7/15/2020 c12 Guest
yare yare daze
6/25/2020 c6 XxPieckFingerxX
That part. AM I JUST AN ABSOLUTE EVIL BITCH?! FIND OUT NEXT TIME! I couldn’t stop laughing.
5/29/2020 c12 AjMorrison
Upgrade please
6/9/2019 c12 7JonathanO'Riley
*puts on Pittsburg Steelers cap*
5/12/2019 c12 ZetaHowl
12/4/2018 c11 15FrozenBurns
this fucking chapter made me say, "You motherfucker!" and it is loooong after april fool's day
10/5/2018 c3 redmount castile
I don't think I've heard the term son of a shit
10/5/2018 c2 redmount castile
One shots are to disappointing any ways
10/1/2018 c12 Guest
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