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8/9/2015 c10 Guest
I feel sorry for annie... but she is still a Traitor and answer her crimes.
7/20/2015 c10 Fenfen
Another one ?
7/12/2015 c1 5Syndrias82
5/12/2015 c10 A huge fan
Okay... So after reading all ten pages/chapters I have decided that in all honesty this should have been the real story line. This was amazing. I cried I laughed I felt their pain their passion. This is by fare the best fan fiction ever, of all time. You are a brilliant writer. This so worth the 4 hours of my life it took to read it.
4/29/2015 c10 Hydrocell
So... is this the end because I enjoyed it and I MUST SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!
4/16/2015 c10 sexybexy
damn nigga what happened my sis came in and i had to close it
2/21/2015 c10 Guest
Good but writ a couple more chaters soon please this is from chantz ankney i cried at the chapter when eren and annie broke up and gt happy again when thay got back together write some more chapters soon
2/1/2015 c10 1Shingeki-no-Danny
Continue this, please? There's not enough Eren x Annie around. And the story is too damn good! *begs with puppy eyes*
1/6/2015 c10 OhGodWhy151
This story is an amazing piece of writing, it has had me captivated since the first chapter. Annie will always be my favourite character from Attack on Titan and this story brings out a side of her I never got to see in the manga or anime, a side I really wanted to see. Since the heart breaking moment at Trost I have wanted to see this happen, I was reading this with my hot chocolate with a huge smile on my face. Your style of writing is simply incredible, I don't know how you do it but somehow you manage to capture perfectly the raw emotions felt by all of the characters that we have the pleasure of meeting on this journey. I want to say thank you for this wonderful story, I can't wait for the next chapter to come out so I can see how this beautiful story unfolds. Thank you and keep up the amazing work. :D
12/26/2014 c10 Jakesivs
UGHHHHH WRITE MOARRRRR. I think I'm obsssessed will all your stories lately and I'm running out. Please continue this masterpiece
12/22/2014 c7 lilswaggkid
Man that sucks annie i know u miss eren and everything but did u REALLY HAVE TO GET MARCO KILLED HOW COME MARCO DIES IN EVERYTHING!
12/22/2014 c6 lilswaggkid

also great story so far :-)
12/14/2014 c10 ICameOnlyForClace
You and your story are giving me so many EreAnnie feels! Like, argh, for the last hour I've been sitting on my bed and either smiling like a baby or punching the shit out of my pillows... This is what happens when there's cuteness & angst in my almost-OTP fanfic'
Okay, so straight to the appraisal part- your writing style is really great and really fits the story. The characters, ah, the characters... You take them into completly other dimension, you show them in a different way... I can't even describe everything, but this is just amazing! And the plot, oh god, the plot... Kill me now or I'll die of fluff, angst, Titan-shifters and cliffhangers!
Okay, so I noticed you haven't updated in a while so I plead you: PLEASE UPDATE THIS! Please, because this fanfiction gives me LIFE and I really want to know what happens next...!
So please keep writing and posting and being awesome.. I hope everything is fine, soo best wishes and please WRITE SOMETHING HERE SOON (if u can)

PS. If I may suggest something- there's one scene I'd love to read in the next chapter: Eren is at breakfast, sitting with Levi's squad, they're talking etc and then BAM Annie comes up to Eren's table, pecks him on the cheek or lips and he blushes (or kisses her harder, hehehe) abd she walks away smiling, or inviting him on a date, and the whole squad's just like 'Damn' and Eren blushes and continues being a cutie UwU
Ok thanks bye :* (and sorry for the long-ass, boring review... I was just inspired)
11/11/2014 c10 maesde
Awesome :D come on, this deserves an update!
11/4/2014 c10 4EndGame0101
Amazing. Would love to see another chapter
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