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for You can keep the tie on

5/16/2020 c1 Suzy Q1068
Please, warnings for slash. Clues were there pretty early in story, but I wouldn't have even opened it at all if warned.
8/23/2016 c1 61saye0036
Cute! Oh my I love the keep the tie on bit.
8/4/2015 c1 Singing Silverwings
I know that some people like homosexual stories, but not everyone. Next time can you give us a hint at the top? Just a little warning. Just asking. :-) *hugs*
8/22/2013 c1 Meilea2010
That was cute. Loved this. Talented, very much so.
8/20/2013 c1 3Kundry Athalia
Lovely!I enjoyed it very much!You made it llok like a charmed dream,with the just touch of humour...REally lovely!
(I'm Kundry Athalia,from WWOMB)
8/19/2013 c1 13AmyH
That was sexy as hell! Perfect in that you let the reader's imagination take over and run with the storyline. Fantastic!

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