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for Apprenticeship under Lord Revan

4/14/2016 c5 15Girl-of-Action
A few run on sentences, but all in all a good story that I am very interested in seeing continued. :)
3/19/2016 c5 ivanganev1992
Ch 5

And what is next ?
3/19/2016 c2 ivanganev1992
Ch 2

There is between the absolute evil dark and Ppure light both could be used for eviil and good no matter of their nature.

And here is the grey using both knolige and the source doesn't matter if it's from dark or light. Here is the great sith . With truly good intentions.

Useful anyway..
10/1/2015 c1 Guest
If there was any Sith Lord that would train Danny I have it be Darth Vectivus
7/13/2015 c5 Itharax
Really liked it! Really enjoyed it as well!
10/29/2013 c1 PoeticSnowflake
hmn. i like where this is going.
10/14/2013 c2 43BenRG
I'd watch out, Danny. Deception, even self-deception, is the way of the Sith. Revan was brilliant but he's also a psychotic and has a nasty habit of confusing his personal desires with the greater good. Personally, I wouldn't trust him further than I could comfortably spit a Hutt.
9/17/2013 c5 The Voices In Your Head
Very nice.
9/17/2013 c5 21edboy4926
Good ending
Wonder what will come next.
8/31/2013 c4 The Voices In Your Head
Awesome. I can't wait for Danny's training. It might be a while away but I have to ask,what king and color lightsaver will Danny have?
8/31/2013 c4 edboy4926
Good chapter.
8/27/2013 c3 edboy4926
Good chapter.
8/21/2013 c2 The Voices In Your Head
Cool can't wait for more

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The Voice In Your Head
8/20/2013 c2 15pir84lyf
8/19/2013 c2 21edboy4926
Good chapter
Maybe the first thing Danny should learn is the clone ability. This way he can have one in public while going ghost.
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