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6/17/2014 c9 lilbobcatgrl88
Great story so far please continue :)!
6/7/2014 c9 Ramyfan
It seems unrealistic to me that she loves him, he treated her wrong and did nothing to make her happy, he gave her a son and she is happy about this but still there is no love and I hope she Doesnt become his mistress, that would be just wrong, Draco needs a Wake up call!
9/1/2013 c8 skari
Good story so far
8/30/2013 c8 Ramyfan
I am glad that miones husband is a wizard and ihope romilda is not really dracos fiance... Dont seperate scorp and mione... Great chapter
8/29/2013 c7 19anononymas
so there is no redemption here for draco here? i guess he suffered a LOT in last book , maybe he would be less crazy now ... i don't think even draco could be that evil
8/29/2013 c7 Ramyfan
I missed draco in this chapter but it was very intresting... I hope theo will be a good friend to mione
8/27/2013 c2 skari
Lol. Creepy draco
8/27/2013 c1 skari
Hm, someone needs yo put Him in his place, nicely written though, except it can become confusing when u change point of view, nonetheless, good so far.
8/27/2013 c6 Ramyfan
I love how hermione speaks with draco she seems so strong and the slap was well deserved... Whatever draco does i hope she wont break under his pressure... Womanpower! A man should never underestimate a woman
8/25/2013 c5 Ramyfan
I hope you include more Draco in the next chapter... Thx for the fast update
8/25/2013 c5 Guest
This is getting very interesting.
8/24/2013 c4 Ramyfan
The story is great but your summary was not really intresting... But i am glad i read the story... So the wizard world is in danger again? I hope harry comes to their rescue
8/22/2013 c3 Guest
i really wish draco wasn't evil ... will there be any redemption? please don't make him evil
8/22/2013 c3 Ramyfan
Oh i hope scorp does not loose his memory draco seems truly evil... Will their be redemption... I hope mione stays strong and i thought draco wanted mione back as well? I am glad you have included harry
8/20/2013 c2 Guest
i don't like evil draco ... sorry but really i like this story .. i am just a sucker for happy endings
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