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11/21/2022 c20 ftmgnzls
SITTING HERE, LITERALLY CRYING, SOBBING. all the things. Damn that was beautiful. I’m honestly just at a loss for words at how damn amazing this chapter (and story) is. So so beautiful and lovely
10/17/2021 c1 PeonyAtropos
I realize I'm a few years late to the party. Just wanted to let you know that I loved this first chapter. Went to go and enter it into my spreadsheet and discovered that it's 60k words long. I honestly believed this was a oneshot. I was quite impressed with what I thought was a short (if a bit saddened by the bittersweet story) and am now very excited to read the rest! First chapter - truly lovely development of compunction, regret, and sacrifice.
7/25/2021 c20 paranormallover16
I have been reduced to near tears reading this. I love happy endings. When both main characters love and live happily ever after. I hate it when one dies. As much as I wanted Draco not dead, I reluctantly have to say that this was a fitting ending. Because of this there wouldn't have been a point to this story. His death was important and I'll remember that. Plus he's actually alive so keeping that in mind I'm good with that. Hats off, bottoms up and kudos to this beautiful story. He lived a Romeo and died a Benedict.
7/17/2021 c16 Guest
"Well, it that was his brain's idea o comfort, it obviously didn't know the definition of the word." Ha ha!
7/16/2021 c1 mglblood
OMG I have cried and cried. I know that was your point to elicit feelings, pain. But also to see that Draco could change and not be a coward. I think what Hermione, Harry and Ron always failed to realize was that yes Harry made a choice. He had positive people around him... those that groomed him to be able to kill Voldemort. Ron was from a family of the light so that was all he knew although he was just as prejudice as Draco was on any given day. Hermione was muggle born. She had a tough few months at the beginning of her first year and most times because of Ron and other purebloods. Hermione chose to befriend Harry and Ron. She chose to be involved with their escapades. She really didn't give anything up. Draco, pureblood exemplified, chose to follow his families lead in the earlier years. But he had to admit (even thought he didn't want to) that Hermione was muggle born but also much better at magic. He had been taught she was beneath himbut realized she was not. Saying all this... he fell in love. He chose to die for her.
5/9/2021 c20 Afrancum1
I hope you see this review this was seriously one of the best stories that I've read in this ship
4/11/2021 c20 Edglabe
The last chapter of this was beautiful. It was haunting and perfect and real and it made me cry. This whole story is incredible and well written. I would definitely recommend reading this.
4/2/2021 c20 i'M a PsYcHoPaTh
omg I'm sobbing my eyes out
2/18/2021 c1 sunflwgranger
I think I like pain and love. reread this and I am just broke
1/15/2021 c20 bibliopuff
oh my god it's been ages since the last time I read this story, yet it still can make me sobbing it hurts
1/15/2021 c12 bibliopuff
cheeky blaise I love him
1/15/2021 c11 bibliopuff
im sobbing this is beautiful
1/14/2021 c1 bibliopuff
I decided to reread it. my god I forgot how this story tears me up since the first chapter
10/17/2020 c20 Guest
I’ve never had a story move me so much, I cried reading this excellent writing!
8/21/2020 c20 jkasbf
Wow, it is 2:23 am and Im unfortunately done with this, I havent been able to stop since I started reading it and I just wish it was longer, I wish I knew more about Blaise being the awesoke friend he is and I wish I knew more about Hermione's life after him. Yet I wouldnt change a single thing about this story, becaude while being heart wrenching and painful to read it still took my breath away and left me speechless after each sentence with its beauty. Although I love angsty dark fics I do prefer happy endings, nevertheless, I think this sad ending was worth it, because all throughout the story even with the constant reminders that the happiness wouldnt last, it left me speechless with the beautiful morals and made me feel things. And to me that is extremely important in a story, that it conveys emotions: I cried, multiple times, but it was a much needed depressing relief. Therefore, I am forever grateful to the author of this story for taking the time to write something so awe inducing. This story deserves so much more recognition then it has now, also i think that reading a sad fic just hits different at 2 am xD
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