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for Softening the Vengeance of Nature

8/20/2013 c2 6buckyybarnes
this is so cute omg
i don't usually read canon-era, but because i love you so much and you write so fricking well, i had to check this out! (it was definitely worth it)
8/20/2013 c2 13Chanty420
Again, cute story:)
8/19/2013 c2 41Sarahbob
Loved it! And I know exactly what piece of art you're talking about :) I love hammy's drawings! I use one of her drawings of Combeferre and Enjolras for one of my own fics :)
Lovely chapters
8/19/2013 c2 Random Reader
This is heartwarming and lovely! :)
8/19/2013 c2 1Iceangel1229
I LOVE IT! I love those three! They are my favorites beside Grantaire, but that's entirely different conversation XD. I'm sooooo happy you posted something so soon. Just like said you would! I look forward to more from you. Your stories are utterly perfect! Thanks for sharing. Until next time :)

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