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for When the Bat meets a spider

3/6 c1 Guest
Creo que ya tengo unos desacuerdos sobre como se maneja el primer capitulo de esta historia

La idea de una relacion entre Batgirl y Spiderman me encanta
Pero :
Esperaba que siguieramos la trama de episodios de la serie animada de Batman
Esperaba no ver a Batgirl tan absolutamente humillada en combate por Bane
4/30/2017 c5 Thomas Ashworth
I want to see batgril and spiderman have sex in chapter 6
5/28/2016 c3 Black Kitten 225
Why did Batman say Barbara's identity when he and Spiderman met? When he asked why hasn't she arrested him yet?
3/18/2016 c4 Guest
Are you going to make more I mean it's 2016 and I really love your Spider-Man and Batgirl fanfics they're so cute together
3/19/2014 c5 Michael CC
What if you ad carnage or make a seaual with an electro and livewire pairng
11/12/2013 c5 Michael CC
Add joker and green goblin and add electro and live wire fall inlove and kill the to lovebirds
11/12/2013 c4 Michael CC
Add green goblin and joker or make goby and ivy inlove
9/2/2013 c2 15Zam the hedgehog
I do apologize for my Mistake. I shouldn't have Made Peter take off the mask too soon. I edited the Entire story to where Niether of them do. Sorry 'bout the problems
9/2/2013 c1 Zam the hedgehog
Thank you for your comments... I guess.
8/29/2013 c1 6Sonicdudes2000
very good introduction for reader
8/22/2013 c2 4Dragonskyt
Alright I quit. There is no way Peter would tell his secret so fast and willingly. It had potential, but some lines can not be broken even if its a fanfic.
8/21/2013 c2 16SoapBox Bill
I was really looking forward to this when I found it but with peter just showing who he is out of the blue like that is totally out of character. it is way to forced and totally unbelievable.
8/20/2013 c1 GUEST
Awesome. I like how you foretold that it was Spiderman near the end."It looked like a web."

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