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10/17/2013 c8 xXMizz Alec VolturiXx
really good
10/4/2013 c8 lisa.francis.96780
Cheaters never prosper.
:-) :-) :-)
9/2/2013 c8 1293 Diagon Alley
This was cuuuuute :) and I loved the idea of a backfiring enlargement potion! That's hilarious!
8/22/2013 c8 6Black-Rose23
You've got to love a happy ending. I'm glad all's well that ends well, at least for the people who really matter.
8/21/2013 c8 1Modges
Poor Ron. But he earned every bit of his misery. But the talking penis bit was hilarious! Maybe Rita Skeeter should ask it for an interview. ;D
8/21/2013 c8 5Angel Girl5
That was so sweet!

And Ron totally got what he deserved!
8/20/2013 c7 Angel Girl5
I want an epilogue!

...or more chapters...

8/20/2013 c7 1Modges
BWAHAHAHAHAAAA! That's a wicked BRILLIANT revenge! I believe Fred, wherever he is, has to be ever-so-proud of his twin and his ladylove. :D
8/20/2013 c7 7Draco lover 91
epilogue please!
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