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for L'Amour et le Mariage

7/7 c7 Guest
Thanks I reread it again I really hope that you'll continue this I want to know how their life would be
5/29 c7 Guest
I love where marius6is scared to lose eponone
5/28 c7 Guest
Reread it again I. Love it I hope there will be a continuation
5/21 c7 Guest
Thanks for this.. I really prefer eponine for Marius
3/21/2017 c7 5OMG-fangirl
Ok, so I don't ship Meponine regularly. But whenever I read your stories, I find that ship sky rocketing to number 2 on my ship list. (My OTP will always and forever be JamesxEponine) Please continue! Please? Please?
4/15/2015 c7 Guest
Good chapter!
7/2/2014 c6 7judybear236
A bit of fluff there?

Nice interlude. Dream-like.
11/11/2013 c5 preciousat
I can see the love there. good chapter
11/11/2013 c5 judybear236
Very sweet! (although it seems like it would have been uncomfortable?)
10/23/2013 c2 6RachelBarbraBerry1994
Hahahahahahah, calette coinette, corsette anette, brlette, how many more odd names is Marius's Grandfather going to call Cosette next?
10/23/2013 c1 RachelBarbraBerry1994
oooooooooooooh, that dang freackin' Cosette! Why'd she have to show up right when Marius and éponine were just about to be married? Ooooooh I hope she doesn't cause any trouble!
10/23/2013 c4 preciousat
First name: Esmé
Middle: _(cant think)
Last name: Martelle
Gender: F
eye color: green
hair color: caramel
age: 15
physical traits: non sporty, health concious, fashion concious
personality: bubbly, kind, animal lover, bookworm, loves fashion.
appearance: thin, white skinned, big eyes.
Short biography: got an overprotective father who is a doctor, mother died when she was 10 (i was hoping her ponine and can be friends, and she'll be a like a big sis to her), She is afraid of men (except her father) because a police assault her when she was a kid. (you can add more i cant think more), bourgeois
10/22/2013 c4 13MissAlexVause
Loved it as always :) it's just so fluffy and I just yeah :D

So this is like the first time I've done this so please do excuse me if it's crap XD

First Name: Geneviéve

Middle Name: Sofia

Last Name: Escobar (May or may not have slipped in a reference to a favourite performer of mine...maybe...)

Gender: Female

Eye Colour: Very dark brown

Hair Colour: Blonde

Age (this one is subject to change): 19

Physical Traits: Her hair is possibly the first thing people notice about her. It's very curly, pretty long and almost always loose as she can never be bothered to pin it back. (see Carrie Hope Fletcher's hair for an idea)

Personality: Quite outgoing but thoughtful, tends to get quite stressed under pressure. Tries to be friendly to everybody but if you get on her bad side then it's very difficult to get off it again. Nevertheless she knows quite a bit about the area and is happy to help out.

Appearance: Quite tall-ish at about 5'6. Not overweight but not too thin either, somewhere in the middle.

Short Biography: She was raised on a farm so isn't afraid of hard work. Can't read or write very well, but can do simple maths and can get by on her logic alright. One of eight, not married, but moved out and now lives on her own. Not wealthy by any means, though not as poor as the Thénardiers were, around the students level.

Anything you want to change go ahead :)
10/22/2013 c4 WhiteQueenEponine
First name: Scarlett
Middle name: Victoria.
Last name: O'Dare
Gender: Female.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red.
Age: 18
Traits: Freckles, big smile.
Personality: Happy, fiery temper, stubborn, and passionate.
Apperance: Tall, thin, willowy.
Biography: Comes from a wealthy family, helps the poor, fights for freedom and the rights of the poor.
Thank you! :)
10/21/2013 c4 7judybear236
Sounds like a really fun start to a honeymoon!

Good chapter.

Maybe find something for them to talk about?
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