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10/17/2013 c1 Marcelle Dupont
Oh, gosh...this is completely and totally heartbreaking. I love it.

All of the characters are written so well, so accurate, and the situation was all to easy to imagine. I especially thought Valjean's change of heart towards Courfeyrac was great as well, and Marius and Cosette's reactions were amazingly described, it almost brought tears to my eyes. A strange part of me wants to know how it happened, though...why Courfeyrac had to leave...

Beautiful piece. Great job!
8/27/2013 c1 131rebecca-in-blue
I really enjoyed this story. It's so rare to find a post-barricade piece about Marius, Cosette, *and* Valjean, and I think you captured how Valjean would've felt in this situation perfectly (i.e., he wants Cosette to be happy more than anything else). Wonderful work.
8/22/2013 c1 33stagepageandscreen
Beautiful, utterly stunning. Just to ask, was this canon era or a modern day setting? I couldn't really tell. And also, did Courfeyrac die with the other Amis, or did he die of something else?
I loved this story, as I love nearly all of yours, and I loved the style of writing for this. The whole story was just heartbreaking but beautiful and it was amazing how you gave characterisations in so few words and with very little description. Incredible. Now, excuse me while I go and cry for Courfeyrac...
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