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9/2/2013 c1 Meadowgirl552
Ireen I love your writing and this story is breaking my heart... I am praying that somehow Bella can let him know, once again not telling the truth. I want to shake her because the lie was what killed them in the first place.
9/1/2013 c1 Eli
great story!
the love
I want more!
please please write more of it.
8/31/2013 c1 Courtney37
You're gonna leave it there?! That Poor couple! They've got their problems for sure. But a baby? I really hope she tells him if you were continuing this. ;) thanks so much!
8/31/2013 c1 2roxnroll
Oh My gosh! This was just...WoW! I'm so glad that it will be continued!
I know Edward was hurt, but man...he did her dirty (not the good kind either)! Can't wait for more!
8/31/2013 c1 9sachita1212
Hey, my first language is Spanish, but I read in English, I found this story trying something really obsessed with quality, and found you in the contest and I said wowwwwwww that beautiful story, sad and well written, every word, each reaction, it is amazing how you can do something so beautiful, pure literaratura, a jewel, a jewel royal why not write professionally? 'm here for two weeks hoping that at some point, have this beautiful work of art one then I want to know more, much more, I get thousands of landscapes and questions about it.
Sorry if my English is bad writing, I told you baby, I speak Spanish, thanks.
8/30/2013 c1 Oxyfiref
Normally I don't EVER review... I can't even remember the last review I did. But this story deserves one. Ugh, I'm so flipping elated that I found your story because it reminds me why I stay up night after night looking for a gem through tons and tons of overused garbage. But this is definitely what this is... A beautiful gem. This is so achingly beautiful. It literally made my chest hurt reading it. I have not found a story in a VERY long time that has done it. Everything just flowed together perfectly. Hats off. I do not need to tell you because I am positivr hundreds and hundreds will let you know, but you have something special here with this one. Do not stop! I love it so much, and I cannot wait for the an update.
8/30/2013 c1 5SofiaB
I read this via the lemonade stand ( a little late maybe) but I loved it! The love/hate between them! That night they spent! I really can't wait to read the next chapter and see if Edward learns he has a kiddo coming! Thanks for writing!
8/30/2013 c1 2Moflo19
This story! So intense! I wanted more more more! Hope to see a continuation!
8/30/2013 c1 Melany333
Love it

will there be more?
8/29/2013 c1 boomerand
love this...
8/29/2013 c1 Mary Alice 7
so glad you are going to continue this, love it! Love your banner!
8/29/2013 c1 redviolet
Amazing! I am afraid to keep reading but I will.
8/29/2013 c1 Leslie E
Man-oh-man, you can write "angst" like nobody's business!
8/29/2013 c1 tarada
I don't know how people are able to read all these angst entries. Wow! Love your writing but I need my HEA! I mean, I need them to end up together. But these two are too much damaged, aren't they? Love that they are so dark and it'd make such a beatiful story how E recovers from this and returns to Bella. You know, dreaming, I'm always dreaming...
8/29/2013 c1 alwyzbrokyn
This is so far one of the best story intros ive read I awhile! I love your work so I know I won't be disappointed! Patiently waiting an update!
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