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6/25/2014 c1 42SmilesThroughFandoms
This was a wonderful story! Beautifully written! :)
1/8/2014 c1 Guest
THis is too great ! Thank you Thank you thank you 333
9/22/2013 c1 4Romance and Musicals
This was excellent. Really beautiful and emotional.
9/10/2013 c1 6HermsP
It was perfect! I love your writing style!
8/23/2013 c1 40RosesAreForWriters
That was amazing. I actually cried when the mom died, and it takes some effort to get some real emotion out of me. The ending was perfect, and yes, I will be adding this to my favorites. This was great.
8/22/2013 c1 2AzureOtter
This is so amazing! I love this! So sweet, so sad, so wonderful-SO MANY FEELS! ;) And Madame Fantine-ha! I love it! AND they were watching The Sound of Music! XD
8/22/2013 c1 36Almost an Actress
Oh, the first installment in our Fic war is WONDERFUL! _ This was beautifully crafted; very eloquent. You have such a way with words! Heartbreaking. The death scene of his mother was lovely. Just...wow. You're so talented! :3
8/22/2013 c1 1trtt27
This is everything I wanted it to be. Great job. I love it. Especially the thought of them as roommates. You should write more of that. Lol. Keep up the excellent work.
8/22/2013 c1 33stagepageandscreen
So so gorgeous! A beautiful story that I will come back to to read over and over again. I loved the kiss, and how you replicated the words for each of them. The relationship between them was wonderfully written, as were the breif cameos of the Amis. Jehan was especially gorgeous, but I think that all the time anyway.
Just a quick note, some of the grammar seemed a bit off and some words were in the wrong places. Maybe go back over and proof read it?
Apart from that it was a wonder ful story, and I look forward to the next chapter of Vegas!
SPAS or Libz
8/22/2013 c1 62astoryinred
Oh this is beautiful. I love how things evolve between them; the color progression is excellent. Great work!

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