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for The Lion and the Lamb

7/14 c37 Guest
Hi there I am read your other stories but then I saw this and started this instead. Wow! This is amazing. I wish there were more hunger games stories featuring Cato as he is more complex than shown in movie and book. I really enjoy this so far it is gripping! I find the insanity madness when he goes off on tangents is funny. Anyway I like the progress of their relationship. I sped red all night! Sorry I didn’t review earlier it is too good to put down.
Please continue writing you have a gift
6/6 c80 Guest
Holy crap! I just devoured this entire masterpiece !

I loved how this story slowly unfurled and how epic certain moments were. The parallels between katniss’s story and prim’s were wonderfully twisted to suit your vision. I loved all the character dynamics and various stakes everyone had in the rebellion. You made the world feel so vivid and dangerous.

My favorite moments were 1) Prim outwitting Jace, 2) The Bloody Wedding, and 3) The end of Prim’s first love.

I hope you come back and finish the epilogue about Coral but man! You are a busy bee! I look forward to hearing any updates about your original stories as well as future fanfics! Much love from a huge ghost-fan
3/27 c1 Guest
I got to the end and a few weeks ago and was devastated to see that the sequel wasn't complete... But I just saw your text from 1/14/22 and got so excited that you're continuing! This story is absolutely phenomenal!
2/13 c80 Jas Rys
OMYGOOOSH! I freaking love this. I'm so glad I found this. This was so well thought of and the flow of the story is different enough from the real one. i just really loved it. Never read a hunger games fic yet but I'm totally loving this pairing. hope you'll update soon for this sequel part which is just great too! thank you!
2/9 c80 Wildearthmagic
Wowowww what a great story! Came over here after reading and loving your dramione and had such a pleasant surprise. And the sequel too…definitely very invested in the sequel. Thanks for sharing your great writing!
1/19 c80 Ms Chnandler Bong
This fic is definitely one of the greatest of all time. Can’t wait to see where the epilogue goes, I’m thinking vick maybe has a relation to Gale somehow? Not sure, but super excited to find out!
11/27/2021 c80 PaulinaDragona
I like your fiction !
11/22/2021 c80 Moirai73
Just my luck I fall in love with a new ship and started off with the best one available. Pretty sure you've ruined me for all others with this. Well done!
10/1/2021 c45 Sparklightning
Oh. My. God. This chapter gave me chills. I’m so excited for this hunger games!
10/1/2021 c38 Sparklightning
Just want to say I came to your page for your dramione wip. But this hunger games story is everything. I was up till 2am reading. Loving it so much. Can’t wait to see what happens.
9/27/2021 c80 pgoodrichboggs
Awesome Chapter
9/27/2021 c80 Ms Chnandler Bong
I’m so intrigued! Who is vick really? Is he like Gale’s relative or something? So many questions! Can’t wait for the next chapter x
9/1/2021 c79 pgoodrichboggs
Awesome chapter!
8/31/2021 c79 5Sunbattle
Plot twiiiiist
8/31/2021 c79 2Almecestris
I'm not as into this series as I am into HP, but you made me fall in love with CatoxPrim pairing! I also can't wait to see where this sequel is going to go. Bet Cato would explode, but then again he did want someone strong enough to stand up to him lmao
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