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3/15/2019 c70 Mistress-Cinder
Man. Cassius is a really really bad messed up trip. So glad I am caught up on your version of the games. You really have a knack for writing the brutal and unexpected. I can't wait to see what happens next.
3/15/2019 c70 Rachel
Each time I think you can’t bring me any lower you do. How is it all Prim’s fault Cassius?! He is such a prick! First Brutus in the tunnels and now Katla and Hannibal. I’m crying. If Brutus didn’t survive Prim’s mother is going to be shattered. (Love the flashback to when they first met and he said he knew how to wake a woman) Is what Cassius loves most family? His cruelty seems to make exceptions for them. And freaking Katla missing the shot?! So foolish to bring someone untrained. Just when I thought there was hope. You did that so many times with us in this chapter. Jerked back and forth between hope and despair. Love your ability to make me feel so keenly. Thank you for writing! And can’t wait for the Dramione update! :))
3/13/2019 c69 Sophia Nicole
Please update! This is the best written story I have ever read. I sent the link to multiple friends, telling them how they had to read it! Thank you for giving me this beautiful fanfiction!
3/11/2019 c69 PaulinaDragona
I like your fiction !
3/11/2019 c69 anonymous
Oh my gosh, your writing is amazing! You could totally be like a real author, if you aren't already! I love this story so much!
3/10/2019 c69 1downwego
Oh my gosh Lorcan! I'm so glad he is back! I'm so scared for these tunnels...but am excited to get Cato and Coral back!
3/9/2019 c69 Rachel
So relieved Lorcan was the soldier! And glad Prim is stepping into the role of leadership that was left vacant with Cato home. I hope he’s ok! Their plan is going to have to be executed perfectly. Enthralled by all the mission details and the furnace that they’re going to have to make it through in only an hour?! Can’t wait for the next chapter!
3/8/2019 c69 Figsy
Aww yay! I was waiting for Lorcan to show up :]
3/8/2019 c69 Kim
Oh Lorcan! I’m so glad he’s back. This chapter was great and left me literally hanging onto the edge of my seat. I not only love your writing style and the way you bring back old characters, but I love the growth of the characters since the beginning. Prim has gone from the little girl who lost her sister to now leading a battle to hopefully kick Snow’s ass. Still really hoping for a Lux(I really love that sly dog) and Madge pairing. I cannot wait for the next chapter, you’re awesome!
3/4/2019 c69 FAN-atic-ionary
Nina nina nina, you never fail to deliver. I'm sitting on edge, gripping as my mind's attempting to imagine all sorts of possible endings for the next chapter. The last chapter ended on such a cliff hanger, and oh poor Lorcan I haven't given him much of a second thought till now! I'm so glad you're bringing back all of these older characters of yours, and making sure that no string is left loose. As with every chapter you write, I am inexplicably delighted to read, and after each chapter is finished, I have an urging to reread. Thank you for writing this!
3/3/2019 c69 Cat Beats
I am having bad Mockingjay underground tunnel flashbacks. I'm looking forward to what comes next!
3/3/2019 c69 15Alexxis T. Swan
Yes to strong women in front line combat. This is all terribly exciting! Hope their trek goes better than what happened in mockingjay. I couldn’t take it if Hannibal dies like Finnick did. Katla has become my favorite character in this story.
2/22/2019 c65 Rachel
This chapter was distressing yet hilarious! :’D Poor Prim. I enjoyed her blaming Cato for her current circumstances and him admitting that yes it is his fault. Her asking for painkillers and him having the audacity to deny a woman in labor anything she desires! I was lmao! I love how genuine you made their experience. When they both admit they’re scared. Loved the flashback from earlier on when he tells her she’s his manato and that it’s his right. So much has changed between them since then.

The BEST was Brutus telling the doctor that he’s only there for decoration! Hahaha! He’s awesome. Even when he holds one baby and makes it quiet down. :)

Prim bleeding out was scaring but I just like how you contrasted all the seriousness with levity. Cato telling the doctor if Prim does so does he. Talk about no pressure lol.

The chloroform reference was great too. You always bring things around full circle and I appreciate so much. Thank you for all the effort you put into the intricate story! Truly.

Cato handling both babies at once was so comical. He catalogued all their differences and how each one is unique. So proud and sweet. Handling them so gently. He is so adorable.

My heart broke when they mentioned Coral. I’m also praying for her. She’s probably grown so much and misses them immensely.

And finally Cassius’ ominous threat that unfortunately came to fruition. :(
2/22/2019 c68 Rachel
Ahhhh! I love that Prim is at peace in her decision to marry Cato, even if it’s partially a show for Panem. Brutus stepping up to walk her down the aisle was so sweet! I adore the softness in him for Prim and her mother. Cato’s joy and wonder towards Prim makes me hope to find a man that looks at me like that. Your description of the way he looks at her.. Cato values her so much. Beautiful. And then he says they don’t need to prove their love to anyone! It’s THEIRS. Not for anyone else to know or understand. Be still my heart.

As soon as the gun shot went off I knew horrible things were coming. How could Cassius orchestrate such an atrocity on his own brother?! What happened was abominable. Your description of the death and blood spilt and hopelessness was incredible. The image of the young boy made me cry. The still blankness on the faces of the dead. Ugh so horrible.

Katla killing Freddy?! How what I don’t even know. That must of been the hardest thing for her to do. I don’t think she’ll ever recover from doing that. So bad. After being all happy with Cato and Prim and the babies we’re brought SO low.

Speaking of the babies.. thank God for the whistler and Hannibal! Gloried in his savagery protecting his nephews. Really liked the picture of him caring for them while bathed in blood. The blood shed required for their deliverance. LOVED that scene.

Lux protecting Madge was great. Hope to see a little more of their relationship in the remaining chapters. He’s such a scoundrel.

And finally I don’t have words the final scene. You shredded my heart. Cato asking for mercy. Prim not being able to give it. What does Cassius love?! I don’t even know. Probably something evil. His grief has transformed him into something so ugly.

Currently praying for Cato and Prim’s safety and well-being.
2/22/2019 c68 1downwego
OH MY GOSH THIS WAS CRAZY! Literally so much went down, poor poor cato..and prim...and katla...and everyone. I can't believe there are only a few chapters left, I have no clue what's going to happen next and I am so excited to see where this is going to go! Also I love that Madge and Lux are a thing, he is SUCH a flirt i love it. I never expected Cassius to betray his brother to such a terrible level. Thanks for this AWESOME chapter!
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