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for The Lion and the Lamb

2/17/2019 c1 Galagal
What an interesting twist to the Hunger Games story. Intrigued!
2/17/2019 c68 223vlee
Now that's what I call a twist.
I wonder what happens next. I wonder when their father gets involved.
2/17/2019 c68 1Sariko-chan723
O my goodness. Cato kindapped? Ughh what is Snow going to put him through :( is he going to threaten him with coral into
Doing what he wants? Or is he going to torture him and make him take it or coral will die? Ughh. Please update soon! This is making me anxious! A job well done though! Keep up the good work :)
2/16/2019 c68 15Alexxis T. Swan
Now that is one red wedding. At least Coin is dead. Damn that was a big moment for Katla. This chapter really put her to the fire. As it did for Cato too. Anyone else would have been dead with that first knife throw but he just doesn’t want to kill his own brother. I ship Lux and Madge.
2/16/2019 c68 Kim
Well I’m going to be impatiently waiting for another chapter! This one was great, I knew Cassius was going to do something bad but never imagined like this. I love your writing style and the way you portray these characters. I’ve been glued to this story since I found it and I cannot wait to read more. Also: Lux is one of my favorite original characters ever.
2/16/2019 c68 Mistress-Cinder
Holy Crap! That was psychotic and crazy! But I knew their wedding was going to be a blood bath. You did not disappoint. Amazing balls job! That was one hell of a chapter!
2/16/2019 c68 Cat Beats
This was a crazy chapter. I really wasn't expecting everything to ramp up like that. I hope Prime comes out of this ok, although I'm not too sure about Cato. Thanks as always and until next time!
2/16/2019 c68 Sherri
I LOVE THIS STORY. You have me completely on edge. I BEG YOU please do not kill Cato. I'm so scared and worried for his safety! I can't wait for the next chapter though!
2/16/2019 c68 Figsy
So much tension! Omg cant believe only 5/6 more chapters. Cant wait
2/11/2019 c67 Mistress-Cinder
Oh My Goddess. What kind of twists and turns are you planning in this gathering storm? Snow is a nasty devil who won't go down without a fight. They still don't have Coral and who is going to betray them...
2/10/2019 c67 jkteen22
I can feel this story coming to an end and it saddens me deeply. I love this story and pairing so much and I can remember stumbling upon it all those years ago and being completely enamored with your writing. This chapter was everything I love about your story and its characters: authentic, vulnerable, sexy, and full of love and hope. Anxiously awaiting your next chapter. Check for notifications daily!
2/10/2019 c66 Rachel
Tiptoeing away from the bassinets as if they were bombs. Lmao! That was great lol. I’m sure you’re speaking from experience. Love that Cato settled into fatherhood so naturally. Strong unemotional Cato being an involved daddy is something I find extremely attractive. Although I find everything about him attractive. I imagine Prim needs all the help she can get with the twins. Most mothers struggle with only one child, can’t fathom the exhaustion.

I’ve never had a child but I enjoy how you explore the difficulties of starting to have sex again after childbirth. It’s so honest and interesting. The frustration on Cato’s part, Prim’s fear of pain combined with insecurities about her body. It’s just so raw and real, I really appreciate having a peak at such circumstances. And then he calls her little bird and I DIED! :) I love how Prim doesn’t shame or belittle him or his desires. She honors them. And his reluctance to have her fellate him despite his desperation is so sweet and considerate. Their first time doing this is wonderfully awkward. I experienced a second death when he offered to teach her what felt good later on! SO DELICIOUS.

Hannibal walking in on them along with Cato’s threat was priceless! Laughed so hard reading that. Can’t sing enough praises! You write exactly what I want to read. :)
2/10/2019 c67 Rachel
Why do I love it when Cato manhandles Prim?! And he must know by now that she’ll disobey him when she believes it’s for the greater good. I love all the barriers that are being removed with their honesty. It was hard to hear of Cato’s subjugation again. The details of what he suffered and how Prim really did help him through it even while she thought herself the victim.

I must say that Prim and Cato in the bedroom again was delightful. The intimacy and vulnerability in it is everything. Also I adore how Cato can’t help himself in his desire for her. He turns wild and primal and I just swoon. Going to miss them so much when you’re story is over.

His love for his sons is beautiful. A warrior so vulnerable and filled with love for his children and woman. You write so wonderfully it hurts. Thank you for updating so often and forgive my lack of reviews lately. Please. I hope you reach your goal and I hope to help you achieve it!

Oh and Lux is a complete wolf! Madge is going to be eaten alive! ;)
2/10/2019 c67 Cat Beats
I hope you get to your goal, I think the story deserves it. This chapter was good, a nice cool down from the previous excitement. Thanks as always and until next time!
2/9/2019 c67 Figsy
Oooh deep! I'm sure you can get to 1000 reviews. The way you write, I'd read almost any pairing ;)
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