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for The Lion and the Lamb

7/29/2021 c76 lucel18
Awesome! Looking forward to reading more! Thank you so much!
7/22/2021 c1 KyloRen'sgirl213
Interesting to read haven't read one of this in a long time
7/22/2021 c76 2QHLuver
Oh my! Looking forward to reading more
7/21/2021 c76 5Sunbattle
Eeeeeeeep a sequel? Lovelovelove
7/21/2021 c76 Ms Chnandler Bong
Omg I’m so excited! I’ve read and reread this story so many times, and I’m always blown away by the pristine plot and beautiful writing! I can’t get enough! I had never expected a sequel- but I’m so glad for it, seriously just in love with this story! And more content is a dream come true! Ahhh! Just thank you so much! Thank you thank you thank you! And I’m so excited for the next chapter!
7/21/2021 c76 Ariwolff14
Ahhhh! I am so freaking excited, I couldn’t believe it when I saw the update
7/21/2021 c6 Trashyplasticcup
Wow! this is really amazing. I hope you’re okay, stay safe and remember you rock. it’ll be okay, always here if needed
7/21/2021 c1 Trashyplasticcup
Hey, how are you? I hope you’re okay since this is a bit dark. stay safe and remember you’re worth it all. it’ll be okay and i’m always here if meeded
5/14/2021 c1 Guest
I keep reading this over and over again. I love this so much. We need a sequel.
3/22/2021 c75 h
overall, this story was definitely not what i came into it expecting. in all honesty, when i first saw the pairing, i was tempted to nope out, but something in the way you write and develop these characters kept pushing me to keep reading - this story is so addicting and i already want to begin rereading. i loved it all, from the way prim managed to keep her kindness throughout the games to cato's soft spot solely for prim. this was the first hunger game's fic i've ever read and i don't think i'll find another quite like this.
3/5/2021 c41 Guest
First, I should say (before I complain) that I really have truly loved this story so far. It's really well written and you've done a great job writing emotionally heavy scenes. All that said, this sequence has kind of thrown me for a loop to the extent of jerking me a bit out of the story, because I find it frankly unbelievable that Prim would be so incredibly stupid as to trust Persephone even for a moment. Could it be more obvious that Persephone would betray her to get her daughter back? I just honestly can't picture most people falling for this at all, so these chapters really frustrate me. Prim's emotional turmoil is no excuse for this level of stupidity.
2/14/2021 c75 pmanning72
Wow, just Wow! Amazing story with such great writing. A unique story of 2 underdeveloped characters. Plus a love story. Great ending!
2/14/2021 c61 pmanning72
You have made Prim so intelligent and strong. Amazing writing!
2/12/2021 c6 pmanning72
Wow! Loving this so far. Have always had a thing for Cato and felt he got a bum wrap.
11/22/2020 c75 Boom
This story is a masterpiece. And complete to boot! I really have enjoyed re-reading it. You should be really proud of the piece you have created. I love it and I wouldn't have changed a thing.
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