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for The Lion and the Lamb

8/1/2020 c75 lucel18
Thank you so much! It was a fic I couldn’t put down. I’m so relieved that you didn’t kill off Cato and many other characters we’ve grown to love like Lorcan, Lux, Brutus, and Hannibal. They’re actually among my favorite OCs. I loooooove the suspense of the fic and all the unexpected moments. And of course, Prim and Cato—I never thought I’d root for them as a couple until I read your fic. Thank you again!
8/1/2020 c74 lucel18
Damn.. I didn’t expect that .. you surprise me at every turn
8/1/2020 c72 lucel18
I’m glad Manniola is on Cato’s side. Hopefully, her advice will help Prim out.
8/1/2020 c71 lucel18
Whoa.. that was so satisfying, given how Prim would have reacted normally.
8/1/2020 c70 lucel18
Not Hannibal too.. gah, this is heartbreaking
8/1/2020 c68 lucel18
Ugh..Cato could have killed him easily but he loves his brother
8/1/2020 c67 lucel18
Lol...Lux is such a player
8/1/2020 c66 lucel18
I wasn’t expecting that. LOL..But I like him..lol
8/1/2020 c65 lucel18
Cassius is scary..I’m glad Prim transformed into a Mama Bear when he was near her boys.
8/1/2020 c64 lucel18
Prim has no filter anymore when angry..lol
8/1/2020 c63 lucel18
8/1/2020 c62 lucel18
Interesting...that there are two rebel groups..
8/1/2020 c61 lucel18
Damn...smart girl
8/1/2020 c60 lucel18
Bye Theodora..her death makes me so sad..
8/1/2020 c59 lucel18
Nooooooooooo...she should have stayed with Cato..
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