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for The Lion and the Lamb

7/31/2020 c9 lucel18
Cato’s life depends on Prim’s? interesting...
I hope someone is taking care of Prim’s mom, maybe Brutus? Lol.
7/31/2020 c8 lucel18
I wonder when she will remember Brutus’ words about the power she holds over Cato. It will be quite interesting when she use that to her advantage, but will she leave his daughter behind?
7/31/2020 c7 lucel18
Damn... poor Prim, tortured in ways that doesn’t cause a physical blow to her body but an emotional or mental one.
7/31/2020 c6 lucel18
Whoa.. I wasn’t expecting that.
7/31/2020 c5 lucel18
Cato definitely had spies hidden somewhere.
7/31/2020 c4 lucel18
Lol! I’m glad she had it in her to do that.
7/31/2020 c3 lucel18
Thank goodness Brutus showed up and gave her that advice! He’s probably attracted to her mom. Lol.
5/17/2020 c1 el01
I love this story, just finished it. I keep staring into a wall thinking about it lol. It is rare for a fanfiction to make me feel so many things, but yours did and you're an exceptional writer. 3 Someday I hope to read a real book of yours. :)
3/15/2020 c75 Cramos28
This was an amazing story. I couldn’t put it down. There were some parts that drove me nuts with how Prim acted. But overall it was great.
2/12/2020 c75 Beeeecks
I read the entirety of your story in one day and my heart breaks because it’s over. Absolutely fantastic— thank you so much! Love the character growth and complexity of Prim, you really made her your own.
10/15/2019 c40 Danislittlesecret
Maybe this is my logical side but I can’t agree with Prim on this. He didn’t do what he did out of a want to cheat or to hurt her. She knows that he is just as much of a victim as she is yet she still wants to play him as the big bad coming to hurt her. I feel for Cato because all he wants is one person to be in his corner and she can’t get her head out of her own but long enough to see that this is bigger than just her. He’s not perfect by any stretch of the word but he tries and I don’t see that same energy from her.
9/21/2019 c75 2Lisamalvina
That was, excuse my language, fucking amazing! I loved every single bit of it, I also hated a large part of it (you almost made me cry with angst). Thank you so much for this wonderful story!
8/28/2019 c75 Minute2minute
Awesome story. I slept only 3 hours last night trying to get to the end. And it wasn't a let down. All the twists and turns. The deception and details. Thank you for a wonderful story
8/27/2019 c19 Minute2minute
I'm so glad I started reading this story. I never thought I'd like Cato and Prim together. Great writing! Thank you!
8/9/2019 c6 Kai
He has a child?!
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