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6/13 c24 Mary Young3
I really don't want to seem pushy, but I'd like to know if you plan on continuing this? If not, could you at least say what the two growths are? They sound like antenna but it seems like you were going for something more. I have been absolutely DYING of curiosity!
6/6 c24 1huongdaoroma
What happened? You haven't updated your stories since!
5/23 c1 1Rhyn3
with the sequel to Avatar being released this year, will you be picking this story back up?
5/5 c24 Angilac
This was such a joy to reread after so many years, I just adore how much world and character building you've done
4/18 c24 HSkarsgard
It’s been three years since your last update so I’d say with some certainty that this has been abandoned. Which is a shame since it was really starting to get interesting with the arrival on Pandora.
4/11 c24 hzlanderson
Do you think you'll be updating this?
4/10 c17 hzlanderson
Your writing is very good, though answer me this; did you spell Seamus' name as SHAMUS on purpose? or is SHAMUS a different character altogether?
2/25 c24 4Future-Forgotten
Not sure if this story is dead due to how long it's been since the last update, but I'd just like to say I really enjoy what's there and I hope to see more sometime in the future.
2/2 c24 TekExplorer
I cant wait to see Harry's interactions with Eywa, not to mention the possibilities that open once the gate is built.

Maybe Gaia and Eywa can communicate through them, and solidify the gates within them, where, with Harry as a translation medium (temporarily) Eywa agrees to lend some of her energy in exchange for Gaia sharing Harry, as it were.

Could be interesting having Harry stuck between these 2 entities, maybe even gaining the ability to apparate between them as easily as walking.
12/31/2021 c24 PheonixBJB
Please post more!
12/9/2021 c5 jvoni.herrera
"'...masking up' was as common a procedure for leaving the house as putting shoes..." Hmm, didn't know this was actually set in Mid-2020 lol
11/16/2021 c5 Dayside
It's retarded to think black people and white people and asian people and what have you are of a different race. Bunch of retards.
8/18/2021 c24 ovrwrldkiler
Well. that's not how I saw his visit to pandora going. It's unfortunate that you havn't updated in 2 years cause goddamn in curious what your plans were
8/11/2021 c24 13N7 Greek-Valkyrie
What the heck! What just grew out of his head? What link to past cultures? Am I going to get to see this story continued? Will I get my questions answered?
7/31/2021 c2 Li-Ion78
so an apocalpytic type event. i would hazard to think that a mere 150 years of history wouldnt just wipe out the wizarding race
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