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3/5 c28 Charice Fourre
this is a really good story hope you are still working on it, the way earth was discribed was super interesting to read. hopw to see more of the story.
3/3 c1 amerikhan786
This Story is absolutely amazing, the quality of Writing is stellar and even tho there are some things I disliked it had nothing to do with the Quality of the Fiction but more so of the Flaws of Harry. Yet it is so Accurate when it comes to Harry Potters Character, his ups and downs are not Random they make sense considering the life he lived the Story takes account of his mind and everyone else around him. Lastly the Fic is more Human, Real when it describes the World, of Earth and how people live on a Dying World, the Ugliness of it is just Raw and Tragic but not apologetic, people die and suffer and they do what they can do to reach their Happiness. There is no dismissal just acceptance of the Situation. I recommend this Gem to everyone.
2/25 c28 Elymes
wonderfull story sofar thank you and nice ideears and conzepts
1/23 c28 37robert32514
Hoping for more.
1/6 c28 david6029
For a guy who keeps saying he's gonna drop this story I keep seeing you reviewing cgapter after chapter.
Grow up.
12/23/2023 c7 Soul Sendant
Seriously fucking retarded author has fucking pandora and the Navi and Harry Potter suped up with magic and he wants to glorify corrupt trash humans and the bullshit useless technology that comes with it. This could have been more than slave minded trash. I like the idea it has potential just not in this authors hands.
12/23/2023 c6 Soul Sendant
wow this harry is a pathetic loser piece of slave shit definitely dropping this garbage these trash are gonna sing koombya and pretend to be good guys and harry is gonna continue being the good little bitch dumbest door created him to be
12/23/2023 c6 Soul Sendant
yup im dropping this completely retarded fucking trash nothing intelligent no common sense and nothing worth reading about just a bunch of ignorant slave bullshit
12/23/2023 c5 Soul Sendant
yeah a dying earth and its trash humans are more interesting thn pandora and the navi no sorry your a fucking idiot which is clearly why this is slave minded garbage
12/23/2023 c5 Soul Sendant
does this author have no brains at all yeah let the computer his new enemies control scan all his books and info. retard level trash
12/23/2023 c4 Soul Sendant
This harry is a pathetic weak minded bitch so far. Man up stop being a pathetic slave and crying over the trash magical community that used you and locked you up to keep their experimental tool at the ready for whenever its masters deemed it necessary them being gone is a nothing to be sad about. I mean the animals sure and maybe a few people, but nothing that should cripple him with grief after the way he was raised and treated.
12/23/2023 c4 Soul Sendant
The most pathetic bulllshit ever that's what letter hermione left him was filled with. Ok so letter confirms he had zero true allies in anyone, and regular muggle folk have always been trash and not worth wasting time on.
12/23/2023 c3 Soul Sendant
Fucking pathetic trash Hermione was in on it bro and these trash humans are not worth staying around. This story needs a real mc it is already suffering from im weak cry baby bitch who was abused used then kidnapped and drugged into sleep by evil trash to be woken up by ignorant trash and be alone with no other wizards which is a plus because those trash could not be trusted after what happened at the beginning of this story. Betrayed and surrounded by enemies and he just acts like a big bleeding pussy. There's nothing interesting yet. Hopefully, the story changes in the next chapter if not, I will leave you kids to it.
12/23/2023 c3 Soul Sendant
Skipped most of this chapter. wondering when this slave harry is going to act like a real human being and not these dumb faggots new property. maybe getting whatever stuff they allow him to have back will kick start his fucking brain and he will start acting like hes not a slave minded sheep.
12/23/2023 c2 Soul Sendant
Man, I really hope this plays out differently than it feels like it will. I dont want to read about a good little bitch Harry after the intro this had he wouldnt be a good servant and hang around these obviously trash people and the information he did obtain so far would reinforce needing to get all his shit back and get the fuck away from these garbage people.
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