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6/10 c7 Shazza19
Another great chapter just wondering if you will finish this story
6/9 c6 Shazza19
Boys are reunited yes how will they manage things between them.
6/9 c2 Shazza19
Did not see that happening with Sam deciding to leave Dean and not stay with Bobby for awhile.
6/8 c1 Shazza19
What a different take looking forward to reading this and where you are going to take this.
5/14 c3 19frankannestein
Wow, it looks like destiny is a real thing in these boys' lives, doesn't it? I loved the flow of this chapter. Cara seems like a wonderful girl. She's got background, she's got sass, and it was good to see Sam opening up to her. The scene between Bobby and Dean was sad but sweet, and I was so happy to see Missouri again! She's so great, lol. But then enter Ruby, here to drag them all back down the dark, dark path again. By the way, I loved how you portrayed her, too!

~ Anne
5/7 c2 frankannestein
I really started to enjoy this chapter in the second part, where Sam and Dean finally let some of their pain out. I loved your portrayal of both Ellen and Bobby. It's so heartbreaking seeing them . . . break up like this, especially since Sam honestly doesn't know what he does want. It's so sad! TT_TT But well written.

Until next time,
~ Anne
5/3 c1 frankannestein
Hello, again! I enjoyed your last story so much I decided to try another. Not disappointed, either, so far. :3 You really do write the Winchesters very well. I could latch onto the pain and betrayal and guilt here - I could believe that this is the way it really happened. So I may be late to the party, but I'm curious to see where you took this idea!

~ Anne
11/20/2013 c6 2baileylovesyou0400
That was a really great chapter! Im glad the boys are back together. Update soon!
11/20/2013 c6 Guest
i like cara she could totally kick butt. I could imagine her getting protective over sam in the future.
11/20/2013 c6 8Dorianimeyaoilover
Back together! I hope Dean can convince Sam not to keep seeing Ruby this time. She is bad news.
11/20/2013 c6 15nupinoop296
Awww. I'm glad they're back together.
10/6/2013 c4 nupinoop296
OH NO! I knew Jeremy was the werewolf! D:
9/1/2013 c3 2baileylovesyou0400
Ohmygosh this is awesome. As i read it i see everything happening in my brain and its jut fantastic. Update soon!
8/27/2013 c2 28Leia 96
I love this story so freaking much! Really, really great. I cannot wait for more :)
8/27/2013 c2 12Souless666
Well played.

Those two were always two steps away from doing this, nearly from day one. Something that Kripky hinted at, (but never really hit you over the head with) is that there is an underlying resentment between the brothers. Dean resented Sam for leaving hunting and Sam resented Dean for never letting feel like and adult.
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