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3/22/2017 c2 Hallie Stewart
Levi's surname is Ackerman. He and miekisa sorry cant spell her name.
4/20/2015 c4 6S.M.Shoka
Ah, I was really enjoying this up until the ending when you get all Inception on us! But, really, I enjoyed your writing and characterization of Levi and Hanji is this ADORABLY CUTE AU - it was spot on. However, wasn't really too keen on the twist with Petra - it seemed more like shock value and didn't really seem necessary or make sense? To me, it would have made more sense if it were Moblit (or no one because I seriously detest love triangles). But, I wish there was more! *sniffles*
4/19/2014 c4 akiko.chu3194
it's so interesting,, multiple AU isn't it?
continue this story please?
2/16/2014 c4 LittleMissUnknown
Amazing. I can't believe it. Keep it up ! I look forward to more
1/27/2014 c4 28Seirin
This chapter was mersmerising *.* You made your readers wait long but it was really worth it. I love this interlacement of three stories. I love you language and feelings put into this story.
1/25/2014 c4 cool like
congratulations! you already make soo fucking confused, hahahHa the plot twist she's with petra why?! omg
1/25/2014 c1 6Challopea
very nice ad beautiful writing! You definitely should be very proud of yourself about it!
1/24/2014 c4 ael fyragh
yeah, big success for you because i did confused. but i must say what surprised me the most is how unexpected the turn of event is. i mean, i thought i would have another cliche fluffy normal life story, but instead, you made another story about survival in abnormal disaster. it's unexpected, but not unwelcome. still, i'll be waiting for the next chap :)
1/24/2014 c4 4Ran Kajiura
It's so confusing. Aaarrggh my brain... You made it works twice harder than usual. In one place, I imagine a sad Levi smoking at balcony broken heartedly and then I made me move to see a bruised Hanji debates her partner about thing should or shouldn't do. I don't even understand when suddenly I cry and feel so damn sad.

I expecting an unusual story, and I got this unpredictable unusual amazing story... Really looking forward towards the future you decide to both if them.
1/24/2014 c4 17BlackCatNeko999
This story is so awesome I don't know what to expect next. Continue!
1/24/2014 c4 7maplecat
you have succeeded in making me confused! i really love your writing style,this is amazing as always,just a question is doctorHange and soldierLevi ends just like that? i think i need to grab a tissue,and this whole chapter is really heart wrenching,but in a good way XD
1/24/2014 c4 1Yumemi Sayaka
thanks for the update.. wow, it's like i was being thrown into different worlds in this udpate... interesting, but all heart wrenching.. and it's sad that levi suddenly got called back to the army.. and ermm haha i can't imagine zoe being with anyone but levi haha.. i'm a bit confused though, her actions so far seems to indicate zoe is in love with levi? but she's with petra? haha but i will let you spoil me with the suspense. ganbatte. looking forward to your next chapter :)
1/20/2014 c2 ael fyragh
i really really wanna cry when i felt levi hesitating to kiss her even though he really really have this mixed up feeling inside him. come on, just continue their story, whatever comes next huhuhu
12/25/2013 c1 4Clovergirl100
when r u going 2 write the next chapter

i really love this story
12/17/2013 c3 17BlackCatNeko999
Wow. This story is really amazing! Everyone is in character and I just love the AU settings and the dreams and every single character in this. Great job and I am so looking forward to that meeting with Petra.
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