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12/17/2013 c3 adizmarine
What a wonderful story! The usage of beautiful dictions boost the level of story value more plz! You keep them in characters even it turns out to be an AU
12/14/2013 c3 c
daaaw you never updated again :c
11/29/2013 c3 4Ran Kajiura
Oh my god! It's so twisted. Your ending is sooooo... twisted. Unpredictable. What's with that, "because she's with me." as the last line of the chapter. I really want to know the continuation.

I was looking for a unique, different, not the usual typical LeviHan fics, and found this unusual story. Can hardly wait for the upcoming chapter. Thank you and goodluck!
11/15/2013 c3 hello
oh my gosh youve got to continue this story! it gets better everytime I read it!
11/12/2013 c3 Guest
pleeeeease! continue it!
10/23/2013 c3 12solitarycloud
Awesome as usual! :D

But to be honest... I'm a little confused with the ending. What exactly happened? Sorry... TTATT
10/20/2013 c3 fuehehhe
10/13/2013 c3 elphie
10/13/2013 c3 1Yumemi Sayaka
whaat? hanji.. you have Levi! why Petra? hahahhaha interesting, can't wait for the next update and for them to realise their feelings for each other :p
10/13/2013 c3 1Inwen
Well that hit me right in the gut...definitely hooked to see what happens.
10/13/2013 c3 Saja08
I love where the story is going ... Hope they realize their feelings for each other soon cause im soo dying for a levihan scene ! Hehe pls. Update soon and pls. Keep up the good work on this great story of yours :) 3 ...
10/12/2013 c3 4Clovergirl100
r u saying Hanji is lazzzzz!
theirs nothing wrong with that but i love

10/12/2013 c3 7maplecat
OMG! *jaw dropped* what a great plot twist! I didn't see that is coming wow just wow,this fic is the most untypical levihan fic ever,brilliant! I love it! I wonder how levi will react,poor guy his heart must be broken,but u can still surprise us with more surprises! Btw just wondering,how long does levi left hange for the millitary?
10/12/2013 c3 6plisetsky0301
Omg that ending, I had to blink twice and reread it because omg. I... what. Don't take this the wrong way though, I'm not repulsed or anything, just wow where dat plot twist come from. I swear they had a thing going on, I mean two people who act so affectionately towards each other can't not have a thing going on! My levihan shipping heart cannot take it. Great chapter once again, your writing is superb and gives amazing insight into your characters, ah cant wait to see what happens next!
10/12/2013 c2 plisetsky0301
I love how you intertwine canonverse and modern au through dreamverse, and how their emotions bleed through their parallel lives, omg perf. I can totally see why Hange wasn't gonna bring up the whole 'love' thing but mannn I'm a fangirl, I can't not wish she did. And I wish Levi had kissed her right then and there but it doesn't matter, that ending still melted my heart into a puddle
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