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8/26/2013 c1 2Pass the Porn Tea
Um, I definitely need more of this!
8/25/2013 c1 8Cinders and Brimstone
Hey, hey, hey! Diversification happening, lol. Not the biggest Rick or Michonne fan but of course I have to give this a read because it's you and bound to be good quality regardless.

Somehow I want this ship to be real now. Why you always be leaving me in this state of wanting things. I really want to see how this triangle plays out. I'm already in a state of anxiety on rick's behalf. Where the hell did you pull this ship out of? What unholy inception? Lol. Michonne, argh, she's so stoic and frustrating but i like this human side of her
8/24/2013 c1 olitz1139
This was really good. Can't wait for the next chapter. Yours is the first m rated story that (for me at least) get their personalities and character traits right.
8/24/2013 c1 70QuasiOuster
This was a very engaging read. I can't wait to see what you have in store for these characters. Nicely done.
8/24/2013 c1 Kandice007
That was intense!
Completely amazing! I thank you a billion times for writing this. Bravo! _
8/24/2013 c1 2amberausten7
Wow! I love you, love the story, love everything! It was awesome and I can't wait to read what's next! Woohoo an A-Team hook up?! Can I get a threesome;) XO
8/24/2013 c1 QueenTee
Reminder me to give you my first born for this fic! LOL
Brilliantly written!
I will be stalking this fic for updates!
8/23/2013 c1 KuraResa
Love it. It flows together nicely. I can't wait to see what else develops.
8/23/2013 c1 Guest
Omg Richonne and Dixonne in one fic! i hope they have a threesome. I am so dirty
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