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12/13/2021 c4 12Dark-Prince-of-Clowns
If it wasn't for the way Death speaks -suprisingly human-, I would have almost thought you'd been inspired by Terry Pratchett's "Mort" Lol
12/6/2021 c6 23Elaelle
Il ne peut pas etre un griffondor vu qu’il va grandir avec la mort. Quand au couple, je préférerais qu’il n’y en ai pas, ça n’apporterais absolument rien de plus au récit. S’il est l’apprenti, ce sera déjà assez rude de savoir que les gens qu’il connaîtra mourront, autant éviter une romance qui n’apporterais Que douleur mais c’est ton histoire
6/27/2021 c12 2acetwolf94
10/22/2020 c6 3Charlee56
Cute touch, naming the house elves after Odin All-Father's two Ravens.
8/26/2019 c10 Iceleaf13
I assume his teacher will be someone who is dead.
6/9/2019 c12 Raven Evans-Black
When will the hiatus be over
12/30/2018 c2 lolthisisjefff
please not Daphne my reasoning being she's overdone but her actual personality is quite unknown we know more about zabini than her except she married draco
10/8/2018 c2 Guest
a small pothole: if being master of death makes the person invincible, why didn't the spell rebound off Lily?
9/12/2018 c5 15SilentSnowLeopardNinja
I'm sorry but wtf kind of kid thinks being able to understand and talk with animals, as in plural, is creepy?!
9/12/2018 c3 SilentSnowLeopardNinja
So you put a scene similar to 3rd year movie at the time he is...what 7? Ok then. Be better if Marge had blown up too and/or he'd cut one of the adult Dursleys too in my opinion.
9/12/2018 c2 SilentSnowLeopardNinja
Why is Harry disturbed at the thought of not being able to die? Is he already suicidal?
9/12/2018 c1 SilentSnowLeopardNinja
Harry could be with Luna Lovegood.
5/1/2018 c4 29BrilliantLady
Hmm, I was hoping for a Severitus too, I must admit.
5/1/2018 c3 BrilliantLady
YAY! Self-rescue with Lily! Looking forward to that. :)
5/1/2018 c2 BrilliantLady
*light bulb, not lightning bulb. But I know what a pain it is to edit old chapters on FFN, so don't worry about it if it's a hassle to correct. :)
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