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for The Daughter of Hecate

3/9 c37 d.mckinney1014
are you still on hiatus?
2/26 c37 Savanna Buckley
I love this story and I truly wish you would update this story.
11/5/2023 c4 Batmanwolf738
Why didn't she just make a portkey if she knows the address
11/5/2023 c2 Batmanwolf738
You do know the 4th of July has nothing to do with romance right?
10/16/2023 c37 3Diana9922
It's well written,
I really like this story.
When is the sequel?
6/24/2023 c37 hc94436
Pretty please continue I love the story!
4/28/2023 c37 1gigi35
love your story hope you could continue it
2/24/2023 c37 Guest
Please continue the story
2/1/2023 c37 kasumi12love111
love your story hope you could continue it. Will be waiting and supporting you!
1/15/2023 c11 Chaiiiii
oml tyson is so fucking cute i can’t!
11/20/2022 c5 Reaper1990
Shouldn't vitini be exempt from the lotus Hotel being hecate's daughter?
1/20/2022 c1 abcabcVDCV200
I agree with BROCC0LI's review.
If you don't like a story don't read it!
And if you are unable to comment politely, then don't even bother!
I love this story and I hope you update and maybe even finish it one day.
11/17/2021 c1 2BROCC0LI
I keep seeing a fair amount of negative reviews, which aren't really constructive criticism so much as insulting and shaming the author. in response, I'll say this: I personally really like this fic, and if you don't like it that much, don't read it. simple as that.
10/5/2021 c11 Guest
Following canon with so much being different is the sign of a very stupid and lazy writer. Either that or Potter is a heartless bitch who is playing rather than being a good guy. It’s either or. Neither will I accept because it would make for a very stupid story.
10/5/2021 c9 Guest
And each time Potter lets tantalus run his mouth without doing anything, I think her a cowardly bitch who lets people she supposedly cares about get walked all over. Some hero she is. I’m out. She’s not worthy of the title of hero. She’s a coward.
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