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12/24/2015 c16 Gravityfalls25
I was kinda expecting that kiss to happen. I thought it was gonna happen somehow at their first fight but then later I stopped expecting it but wow. I love how there are so many surprises.
12/24/2015 c7 Gravityfalls25
Wow. Mabel really got messed up
12/24/2015 c5 GravityFalls25
How'd I know mabel weren't gone be killed but kidnapped? OMG IM A SIDEKICK!
12/24/2015 c4 Gravityfalls25
Well that took a deep twist
2/16/2015 c15 2Utatane Piko V3
mm this fic is really good!
my only issue is the whole cashmere incest thing. i can't tell if you're portraying it as "look at it, it's so cute and healthy!" or "look at it, it's immoral and wrong!".

i'm guessing it's to drive home how twisted cashmere is, but it kind of just rubs me the wrong way.

that's my only complaint really. cashmere is a nice oc and i like how you write gideon and dipper!
2/12/2015 c14 Guest
I think this is great it should be on tv except maybe the bad words but other than that its great I love it I am on the edge of my seat
1/29/2015 c18 atsukko
Me parece un final horrible. A medida que te acercas al final pierde sentimientos y emociones...se vuelve una historia fría y trágica.
8/31/2014 c7 Keira
Mabel's lost of memories sorta reminds me of The Hunger Games : Mockingjay Peeta was injected with tracker jacket venom and his memories was blurry but he thought that katniss was the threat and he tried to kill her and that's what happened to Mabel
8/31/2014 c5 Keira
It's actually funny in Wendy's POV about Miley twerked!
8/30/2014 c18 7Sketchatron
That was amazing. How do you write like this.
8/15/2014 c18 3Awkwardly Nerdy
After all of eternity, I finally got to finishing reading this! I love this story so much, and your OC Cashmere is awesome! I can't wait for the sequel! (BTW, sorry if this review sounds completely dumb, it's 11:30 at night and I'm really tired...*snores*)
8/5/2014 c18 2SudeBanner
I've been browsing fanfictions for Gravity Falls all over the internet recently, and yours are the best ones I've seen, by far! :D Especially this one. . . I haven't been able to get sucked into a story in forever, but this? I actually felt ATTACHED to this story while reading it! I love how it's darker than the actual show but STILL fits all of the characters, and it just seems so believable.
To be honest, I don't like the idea of OCs in Gravity Falls fanfictions :( I don't know why (usually I love OCs) but Cashmere? Oh my gosh, I LOVE how you made her character! Most of the OC's I've seen are cliche and just don't really fit in, but yours is fantastic! The way you express Cashmere's POV shows her insanity but at the same time, you can practically understand where all her thoughts are coming from.

My favorite part of it? Definitely Mabel. You can completely feel how she changes from the innocent, bubbly one to the harsh, vengeful one due to the drugs. At first you'd think that she would turn back to normal after getting her memory back (and truthfully, I was expecting a bit more time with her false memories and being in love with Gideon) but the way you make her just permanently change into this dark, serious person. It's just incredible.

So I just want to thank you so much for writing this! :) It's exactly the type of fanfic that I've been searching for, and I'm just completely hooked on it! (I'm sorry that this review is so dang long DX) I'm actually planning to write a GF fanfiction myself sometime, and I considered putting Cashmere in it (she makes these stories so much more intriguing!) but at the same time I'm having the "old," Mabel in it, so it wouldn't really fit :\ Basically, it takes place 4 years after the twin's first visit to the Shack, but don't worry I would NEVER steal another person's character or OC, haha. I have to say though, this story and your OC are so believable, I almost want to make a fanfic based off of THIS XD You should be really proud of yourself.
So thanks again for writing this! It seriously made my whole day! (I wish there were more GF stories like this)
Best. Gravity. Falls. Fanfiction. Ever.
7/31/2014 c18 TheTomboyFangirl
*tear falls*that was so beautiful ...YOUR THE BEST AUTHOR EVER!*aplauds*
7/31/2014 c14 TheTomboyFangirl
Love the nickname 4 them I love ur stories continue
7/13/2014 c18 Ariel
Is dipper doing okay? I think you are an amazing author keep writing these wonderful stories ( I cry because when either of the twins gets hurt especially dipper). I stay up all night reading them there beautiful . Umm.. Advice time yea so I know what fan girls want and I'm a fan girl so if you can do at least one story of dipper getting hurt like with a monster or something and break a arm or leg? I could use a good cry at 2:45am thank you for being a wonderful fanfic author good day
Ariel Lopez
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