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2/18/2019 c7 Guest
More please
pfftt. hahahaha yo... you can..called her a. a... hahaahaaaa... pfftt a bit... bitch! PRICE-LESS~
6/27/2016 c6 Guest
can a villain be Seika Ayanokoji? (the bitch that threw Haruhi's bag in the pond and got banned from the Host Club)
6/24/2016 c7 Guest
Hi, I am a random person responding to the bit in black bold at the end of chapter seven. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and would greatly appreciate an update with more chapters some time in the (preferable) near future. No pressure or anything. I like the plot and ideas so far and am interested as to how it will progress and eventually (hopefully) turn out. I agree that Hikaru should be fire (he has a hotter temper than the others) and that KAuro should be water. It will be interesting to see how despite the elements being natural opposites, they might sort of neutralise each other? If that makes sense? Moving on, super speed is a good choice for Hunny and super strength suits Mori very well indeed. Good choices.
As to the request for help on powers for villains; well, you already have hypnosis for Ayanokoji and we know Nekozawa took a potion. That leaves you with three other villains that are currently absent of powers. Apparently Kasanoda took a potion, so haybe he could be a shapeshifter; he hated his scary face, so maybe he would gain the power to take on everyone else's. You could also consider Renge maybe? She could be able to manipulate machinery maybe, after all, there is the huge metal podium thing she always appears on. As a third, you could have Benio "Benibara" Amakusa, head of the Zuka Club at St. Lobelia Girls' Academy from the Zuka Club, armed with the power to turn men into women; an interesting outcome is bound to come from that, it might also present the opportunity to really kick start the romance side of the fanfiction. Failing that, Akira Komatsuzawa of the newspaper club never really resolved his issue with hte host club... I am not sure what power he would have gained from the potions though.
P.S. This is a unique and interesting (as previously mentioned) piece of work, very different from the other fanfics on the internet. Thank you for the enjoyment, hope to read again soon and sorry for the entire book I could make with my 'coment'. :)
6/11/2015 c7 2keysama morinozuka
7/21/2014 c7 3Draconi98
Hi there!

I think that it would be a great idea for Hikaru to have elemental control over fire if Kaoru has elemental control over either water or ice.

In regards to Hani-sempai and Mori-sempai, i think the super speed and super strength, respectively, would work out fine; although, i did like the idea of Mori-sempai having similar abilities to Colossus from X-Men. If you decide on the Colossus abilities for Mori-sempai, perhaps a good way to balance out Hani-sempai would be the ability to summon weapons from a pocket dimension; i'd always figured that if they fought together, they'd be virtually unstoppable, and cover each other seamlessly. Their fighting capability is just as much their teamwork as their individual strengths, so a 'sword and shield' approach wouldn't hurt, right? _

Well, that's about all i have to say, but if you are going to use my pocket dimension weapons summoning, please don't forget to mention me! I would like not for my ability to be copied, let alone stolen as such; not saying you would do that, of course, but i do despise when people do that.

Good luck with future chapters and the plot is great! Wouldn't have thought of that nasty, spoilt girl as one of your villains! Nice twist!

1/16/2014 c1 Mia
Ok, so with what I have gathered, and everyone's ideas:
Hikaru- fire
Koaru- water
Mori- super strength
Hunny- flight/invinsibility
I think we have Hikaru and Kaoru's powers solved, the rest? Up to you :D Voice of reason (Mia)
12/8/2013 c7 2Animelover2215
Um villains DARK ILLUSION FOR ONE AND STORM FOR ANOTHER! I got these ideas from Winx Club
12/8/2013 c2 Animelover2215
Yup kyoya and haruhi but your spelling is kinda bad no offence
11/15/2013 c7 Da luver
11/5/2013 c7 skratt21
Hikaru he should be able to copy anyones voice/body shape even writing
kaoru he should be able to calm any situation
mitskuni he should be able to stretch/ fly
Takashi he should be able to control animals [animal army]
11/2/2013 c7 Me
I agree, Hikaru gets fire and Kaoru gets water... I can just see them...3 It would be cute if Hunny could talk to animals, although it just occurred to me that it wouldn't be very useful when it comes to beating up the bad guys *facepalm* it would be cool if someone could tell if they're being lied to or something like that... Heh this is fun...
11/1/2013 c7 1The Only Me In Existence
Ummm.. Mori already has super strength in a way...

What about like invisibility for Hunny, (ironic twist, he can't stop talking and loves attention), and super speed for Mori? I kind of like the fire and water for the twins, but then again it reminds me of Avatar. OOH I know! Koru has invincibility! (Hikaru hates seeing him hurt) And Hikaru can fly!

But that is my opinion so you can do whatever you want!


11/1/2013 c7 43Jackie Wepps
I'm amazed. you're really making this exiting. also about their powers. your ideas are great.
10/23/2013 c6 Guest
I like it. Ideas for powers- Shape shifting, flying, levitation, charm speak, water bending, earth bending, fire bending, air bending, super speed, and x-ray vision. I hope that helps you!
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