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7/26/2016 c2 1Shimo no ko
You continued. Yay! And I like where this story is heading. Keep up the great work!
4/20/2016 c2 Ermergawd
ermergawd u updated
4/13/2016 c2 4nimedhel09
Yasss! The ending! Ok, I need a continuation please? Thank you :D
3/26/2016 c2 CreedMaster
I remember reading.g this before when it was a one shot and really wishing it was a fully fledged story, HOW DID U READ MY MIND. anyway, I like where your going with this, I would suggest making gohan very dark, but that is just me, write what u wanna write. I do wanna know how often u will update though.
3/11/2016 c2 Guests guest
Well you'd try and stay away if most of the time your spouse yelled at you and the most of the remaining time they physically abused you regardless of the few good moments you had with them
3/11/2016 c2 nancy103
I like it! Bringing in 17 is a great idea. Talk about two people that really have gone through physical and emotional transformations.
6/24/2014 c1 3Orchestra Of Order
You could make this in a full fledged story. It has the potential to do so.
1/20/2014 c1 26LolaTheSa
NOT a bash? Please...
12/17/2013 c1 Sheepra
It was good. I liked it. But how come you don't use regular quotations? I had a hard time getting used to the way you write your speech and following it.

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