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5/29/2019 c1 4LightningAtom
6 years later and I still remember this work. I reread all of your Riven works once in a while and I always keep that hope that you’d release another bomb to blow me away again. Most likely not, and I understand how interests die out. Just promise me to never delete your works.
10/21/2018 c1 Guest
one of the best stories on this website
5/11/2018 c1 hdhwbs
this is amazing and a tragedy that it was abandoned. i've reread it like 4 times
7/28/2015 c1 Guest
I have read your bautiful story at least three times , forgetting it and discovering it again every year and every time it has captured my atention and sucked me in from the beggining to the end . One of the most awesome fanfictions I have ever read .
4/7/2015 c1 MilandaAnza
This was really sweet though it feels a touch unfinished. That said I liked it a lot, thank you so much for writing this.
12/23/2014 c1 1Hungry AL
I found this looking for smut but I kept reading because of how fucking well you wrote the rest of the story
I want more
In the meantime I'm going to read other stuff you've hopefully written and hope there will one day be another chapter for this
9/21/2014 c1 Arvellas
Really well written, I'd love to see a continuation of it. Thank you for the story. :)
9/11/2014 c1 1Friendly Anon
I liked it. Too bad there seems to be no sequel.
6/15/2014 c1 13iDrownFishes0
The story did keep me entertained, but I almost couldn't finish. I hate to be mean, but it must be said that the writing style is annoying as hell. Half the time I had no idea where the characters are or what the hell's going on. There are many occasions where I'm just left thinking "... Wait, what?"
On the other hand, when I could get what was going on, it was very good. I'm not sure I've ever come across a story with both really good, and really bad traits almost as if two people wrote it where only one has any idea how to write.
4/26/2014 c1 1MrBunnySensei
Riven's view of the world, in this fic, is as fractured as her blade, and the simple disconnect between the way she views Runeterra and the way I perceive this world you've shown me is startling in its dissonance. That being said, our beliefs diverge because you have perfectly captured a distinctly Riven feel in every word, every description that makes up this story. In other words, you have created a real enough character that I had found myself having to think over what she said and did in order to determine that yes, in fact, I did sometimes disagree with her. And that is the simple beauty of this tale, as humanity, at its core, is the varied collection of flaws that each of us carry with us. The fact that you can make a fictional character real enough for me to realize this is truly astounding.
2/5/2014 c1 13Chris ShadowMoon
This is extremely, impressively good. I've never seen someone actually craft this /style/ of narrative before and make it work. I very much enjoyed both it and the pairing that came from it.

I am, however, forced to ask one thing. When you end the way you did, it's done in such a way that the story has... no closure. Which is infuriating. Was that intentional? Because it's kinda the only sore point to what is otherwise a very good story.
1/25/2014 c1 Guest
In this story I have found a unique view of socio-cultural identities in a game that largely ignores them. I think you've hit the nail right on the head here. I won't say it is flawless because it is not, but you've done a significant amount of work to truly define what it means to be from a specific city-state.

Riven is spot on, or atleast, her thoughts are. Her character may be slightly out of character depending on someone's point of view, but I think the real important thing to notice with her is the inner monologues that help to define Noxus. Her identity as a Noxian is well made, and she gives a vivid idea of what it means to be a Noxian. The emphasis on strength (and not victory) is important. It's the first interaction between Irelia and Riven that truly sets the stage for the concept. It's blunt. It's based solely on simplicity. And it is completely free of emotional minutia. Riven's blunt way of speaking greatly serves to establish that she's not at all a linguist. She's a standard issue soldier and she acts like it. She's the picture of internal strength and it certainly colors her way of viewing the world, let alone interacting with it.

I will say, the story puts a lot of focus on sex, not that I find it offensive, rather I find that sex in a story is no more disturbing than conflict. If done well, it's just another tool. If done poorly, it is worthless. You did well, and while I think you may have oversexualized Riven to a degree, I think you still kept it within what I would consider acceptable levels of literary license. Too much and it becomes purely smut and nothing more.

I will say I wish there was more pay off to the Freljord aspect, given it takes up a large portion of the early premise and plays a big role in the story of the lore, though I do understand that it was more of a tool and less of a major plot point. The whole event being orchestrated simply to keep eyes on something. Keeping the security of the Institute in position, should Noxus strike, and keeping them focused elsewhere, in preparation for Riven's move.

I like your way of handling Riven obviously, though I think she did divert from established norms at times. I will say I most enjoyed that you didn't demonize Syndra though. As a champion she'd almost exclusively made out to be a wickedly evil person, and while her ambitions are certainly a degree of tyrannical (mageborn supremacist) but her reasons for thinking that way are sound. She was forced into a situation she did not understand and grew up primarily under the impression that she was not only imprisoned for her powers, but actively persecuted for them. She's an inverse to Riven in many ways. While one chooses to escape the system that oppressed her and actively destabilizes what she believes to be the root of her problems, Syndra wants to conquer her problem overtly.

Irelia was interesting as you took her in a direction I can safely say, I haven't seen. Usually we see her as being overly cold, calculating, and mechanical in nature, but this time we got to see much more personality in her character, defining her as more than just "The Will of the Blades."

I will say, the language used at times was somewhat questionable, not that I am concerned for vulgarity, as I really just do not find it nearly as offensive as most others would. I simply think that you may have handicapped your own views by taking such a, what I would consider, Avante-garde approach to this.

In general I greatly enjoyed this story and I'm glad you wrote it. Thank you very much.
1/20/2014 c1 42Cinis
Woah. This fic was amazing. I may have to start shipping Riven with Irelia. I just read this straight through and, like, mind blown by awesome. I'm not sure what else I can say that would adequately convey my love for your writing.

I'm curious - the tag says "Complete" but the last scene sort of implies that the story keeps going. Should I put this fic on my alerts list or is it just one of those endings where the story keeps going but unwritten?
1/4/2014 c1 Mr.Ncguy
you sir are amazing! i hope you write a drama/romance about kayle/morgana, i hope you write again :)
11/24/2013 c1 Viewer x
I am so at rage for not finding this story sooner , if it werent for tumblr , i would have never found it .

Im pleased because , this has all my favorite characters within . And the relationships between them , friendship or not , is descibed perfectly . Riven is an interesting character , and so is Irelia , and their relation as you described it , is one of the best . I am even pleased that you made Sejuani victorious in her match .

It was an overwhelming long chapter , but was worth reading through it .
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