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5/4/2018 c7 4rcjr3905
please continue
3/9/2018 c7 RBNNGR
where is chapter 8 and after
2/27/2018 c7 Guest
I’m still waiting for an update. That’s right 5 years later and I’m still waiting
12/4/2017 c7 HSkarsgard
I know it's been four years but I hope one day you'll come back and finish this great story.
11/27/2017 c7 Anonymous
Hey is the UK the university of kentucky? I live there, do u?
10/31/2017 c7 36Babelvr54
I love this story so far. I really hope you continue
10/19/2017 c7 Kim
Sowhere is the rest
10/17/2017 c7 Guest
So where is the rest of the story ? I need more !
10/8/2017 c7 20bluesky5678
Has the author passed away? Been incarcerated? Kidnapped and held captive on a remote wifi-less island?
Last update 4 friggin' years ago!
I always hate it when authors abandon stories, esp. good ones.
9/28/2017 c7 Brenda Morrow
I wish you would finish with this story line. I enjoyed reading the 1st 7 chapters I was hoping you would continue . You are really good! I want more !
7/19/2017 c7 stellahayes35
want to read more please keep writing
6/28/2017 c7 Annie Jones
Are you planning to finish this story?
I'm loving the premise but I noted that it was last updated in 2013...four years ago!
Have you decided to discontinue?
6/21/2017 c7 mysticeyes1
I so like your so far but did you just give up? If you did WHY it's very good please don't. Were all still waiting.
please get that pen in hand and get going don't let any thing or anyone discourage you.
6/13/2017 c7 Feelinshady
PLEASE FINISH OH MY GOD. I know you haven't updated since like years ago but pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeew finish at least the next chapter I have to know what happens I re read and re read this story at least five or six time and I read it when it was just a one shot. Please finish it's killing me.
5/13/2017 c7 karianna
continue please ...
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