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for Soul of Ice

3/9/2015 c2 Seahawk-Green1
8/17/2014 c2 2Kanae-sama
I have to say, whenever an antagonist is a psycho, I have the tendency to read every fanfiction (aside from the pathetic fangirl Lemon - yours is cool, but most Girls have literally NO idea about how this works), and I instantly fell for Titus. Maybe even a little more than for Cato... thus I just HAD to fucking love your fanfiction! It is well written, and honestly, I can see that pairing working out well :) So just take your time writing (makes it better for everyone) and just write the Story the way you normally would ;) I am, by the way, a huge fan of yours.

And I love you for the idea with the tattoos, as it really helps to keep Snow in character (as mentioned in a previous Review) and I just love tattoos (who doesn't?! Well actually, a lot of people... I am weird).
Thanks for uploading this masterpiece! ;)
4/10/2014 c2 5Codename Jellybean
This is quite interesting so far :)
Do you plan on updating?
2/19/2014 c2 maile.ogden
I think you have a great start would love to read more
9/26/2013 c1 31li'l fat necrosis
This is the greatest thing written, well to me. ;) Titus is my favorite character in the Hunger Games (hehehe, is it weord I fell inlove with him with only two setences? Probably not.) Your writing is beautiful, a few mistakes (you don't need to captilize anything other then names, palaces, Is , and the first letter of the sentence.), but nonetheless perfect. :3 I thunk you kept Snow in-character, I can see him making a beautiful tribute into something hideous. (Is it bad. I prefer him like that, I mean, his actor is okay, but I prefer him like this. ;) I'm a bit weird as you can see.) Great first chapter.
9/3/2013 c1 TheFantasyRocker
This is very different, which I like. Take your time with Nymphetamine. I hope you can do both stories. : D
8/30/2013 c1 Guest
Love it!:):)
8/27/2013 c1 Guest
Good so far, but re-read to check grammar mistakes. :) Also I wanted more information on wht Titus looks like.

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