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3/9 c64 Kristina Johnson
Please update
2/11 c64 1elfwitch42
I hope you update soon it's a very enjoyable story
2/10 c64 Mushishixxxholic
Love it great story
12/24/2020 c3 FemaleFoxyFTW-2
Uhm, Severus told Harry who Ciel was in the first chapter, so why is he asking who Ciel is in this one?
12/19/2020 c8 Maria Veas Cavieres

Me puse a aplaudir como estupida al leer que mis fotocopias serán hermanos de sangre de Harry :'3
12/19/2020 c4 Maria Veas Cavieres
tengo la cesación de que Sebastián les dara unos buenos putasos a los weasley xdxd
10/31/2020 c32 1QueenWinchester24
I like the end part of the chapter
8/26/2020 c64 Demonica-Death
More please!
8/23/2020 c33 1DemonWolf25
I just caught something which I probably should have seen a number of chapters ago. With a long speaking part is written you cant just use commas (,). That is not how sentences are written.

I hope this helps you in getting better.
8/23/2020 c12 DemonWolf25
Im hoping that Harry is the one to make the first move on Sebastian since he is the 'master'
8/23/2020 c8 DemonWolf25
While I believe that this isnt a bad fic, I do believe that it could be better. However, I will continue to read it.
7/29/2020 c64 animerule64
Add more chapters please
7/25/2020 c64 Quinn Magoff
Ahhhhhh I need moooorrrreee
7/5/2020 c14 dacra malfoy56
im sorry but you put Harrison instead of hadrian can that be fixed in editing please but this is a great book
6/20/2020 c64 animedragonfly1996
Please update soon!
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