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6/1/2016 c59 3Kitsune829
Please update. I would love it if you would start writing about when Harry and Sebastian goes to Hogwarts.
5/22/2016 c14 32Evilshallprevail
Wait...Why is it first Hadrian and then Harrison?
5/17/2016 c59 draco7347
love story cant wait for new chapters
5/16/2016 c59 xXxOtAkU-444xXx
I really like it! **
5/16/2016 c59 1geetac
5/2/2016 c58 6Cindel Mortem
No! I need more story!
4/24/2016 c58 Guest
Please please please continue i love this story
4/7/2016 c1 Guest
This is such a badly done story you should start again but get a beta
2/21/2016 c26 akuma
Oh, shite I forgot about that...
2/21/2016 c11 akuma
You meet* someone, and You EAT mEAT. Get it? :) that's something I remember from my 2nd grade...
2/20/2016 c1 dragonfox123
Great chapter and plot
2/9/2016 c8 Not Reading
I'm not going to read this story again because the writing is very bad and half of it doesn't make any since at all *sigh* and it seemed so promising.
1/24/2016 c14 Fen219
His harry's name Harrison or Hadrian
1/18/2016 c58 2Elodie4011
R.I.P Alan Rickman
1/17/2016 c58 44robot44
i hope you write more soon, i love this story.
R.I.P Alan rickman
we will miss you "ALWAYS"
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