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for The Pink Fraud

9/4/2016 c2 Guest
continue please
10/22/2013 c2 1SapphireSpade
Oh! Sugoi! This is interesting! Please continue! I wanna know what happens!

I hope u update soon!
10/15/2013 c2 3RealRyu
Awesome story, the plot is very cool
your oc rules! XD
9/9/2013 c2 9Domikaa
Ally: aaahhh! No no no. Please continue!
Alex: I need more please. I want more!
Alice: dont be mean, Alex. I really like it, please don't stop.
Michella: I liked it too. It seems so awesome. Can't wait!
8/29/2013 c2 Guest
awwwwwwwwwwwwwww update quickly
8/30/2013 c2 1pHlant
This looks really nice! I wish Kirino-san was my brother too, than I could play in Raimon... XD
Well I really hope you update soon!
Ganbatte ne! :)
8/30/2013 c2 8KonohaFox
Whoa! This is gonna be awesome! Update soon!
8/29/2013 c2 15Vearin
Nice story! Update soon!
8/29/2013 c2 1Starlight Mura
Oh, wow! This is so AWESOME! I really love this fic!
How nice of Aya posing as his brother at school, I wish I could do that too XDD

Update soon! Can't wait for the next chappie! X3

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