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12/12/2023 c1 Guest
This was always one of my favorite stories of yours/ I would come back and read it often. Hope you’re bringing it back :)
12/12/2023 c1 noname1001
wait what happened? it looks like all you stories are updated and this one is missing :(
12/12/2023 c1 Guest
OMG i just asked that you add more to this story! is this what’s happening
10/12/2023 c1 JessicaRenee331
I NEED to know what happened in Spain and after. Sequel please!
9/8/2023 c16 1Colleen Alize
I'm allll in my feels with this one. Maybe because I can relate to it more than I care to admit. But it was so well written and full of life and emotion. Thank you for this.
8/31/2023 c16 Guest
I want to reach through my phone and shake Bella. Every damn time she’s doing better he brings his ass around. Edward does NOT deserve Bella….period!

8/31/2023 c15 Guest
Bella has shown some nice growth… she could have been bitter when she saw him with his daughter and Rosalie but she was the opposite. I’m proud of her for moving on for real this time.

8/31/2023 c14 Guest
Because he’s been secretive and omitting important information, I don’t believe a damn word he says. He’s left Bella alone for months after he asked her to move in.

I wish she would have slapped him even more. Smh

8/31/2023 c13 Guest
Yep! I called it. I knew it! He knew long enough to tell Bella. When he found out she should have found out. That was some low down, dirty shit.

He gets no sympathy from me. That’s what happens when you stick your dick everywhere.

I wish Bella would’ve walked out of the door.

8/31/2023 c12 Guest
I’m with Charlie… Edward should have never let Bella leave. How do you tell someone you supposedly love to leave because she had you questions.

Like I said previously, why the hell is a painter getting calls in the middle of the night and then abruptly leaves.

Something is definitely rotten in the state of Denmark!

8/31/2023 c11 Guest
Okay so now I’m wondering is Bella the side chick? Is he married? Or is the other woman he was walking with pregnant with his child and she went into labor?

I wonder if that text Bella read about a doctor’s appointment?

He paints for a living…who’s calling him in the middle of the night?

Eddie boy is hiding some shit… what happens in the dark always comes to light.

8/31/2023 c10 Guest
Excuse me… he picks now to tell her. He disappears when he wants to, giving weak explanations that he’s busy. Nope, nope, nope!

Why ask her to move in with you to ghost her? He’s crazy or is Bella the crazy one for going along with it?

8/31/2023 c9 Guest
Maybe I’m overly suspicious… but that text is concerning.

8/31/2023 c8 Guest
How vague of Edward. Smh

Bella is walking on egg shells to please him… and he knows it. I refuse to believe Edward doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Why ask her to move in if he’s going to cheat? Why pursue her in the first damn place?

8/31/2023 c7 Guest
Now that was interesting who is this lady Edward was walking with? Why did he tell Bella he would be in Brooklyn when he wasn’t

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