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for Fly Away, Little Birds

2/10 c38 Goodwifefan
Awwwww. Sniffle. Okay then. You’re off the hook! :) This was great! Yahoo!
2/6 c37 Goodwifefan
No way! You can’t end like that! Cruel! Now you have to post an update sooner! I am usually patient in waiting, but I hate cliffhangers! Come on! Update!
12/7/2020 c36 Goodwifefan
This was sweet! I’m sad you are ending it! I love this family as you have envisioned them, and Doug and Carol are perfect here! I am gonna miss this fic! :(
10/25/2020 c35 Goodwifefan
So sweet! xoxo
10/8/2020 c34 Goodwifefan
Brava! Definitely one of the most poignant scenes I’ve ever read in fan fic! So well done! Thank you! :-*
10/4/2020 c33 Goodwifefan
Excellent new addition, but the cliffhanger is mean! If insomnia keeps you writing more here, should I wish for it for you? ;) This was wonderful!
9/11/2020 c32 Goodwifefan
“In her heart she would always be a Ross girl with Hathaway curls”...you are killing me! 3 So adorable! Thank you for this sweet update on my favorite family! So glad the wedding was a success in the end. :0) You’re the best!
3/25/2019 c31 Goodwifefan
Always a pleasure to see an update here! :)
12/13/2018 c30 17Rocketlover
Before I fell in love with with Cordano, Doug and Carol were my first ER ship. (I mean, George *swoon *)….At least they got their happy, ever after. *sigh* Great to see you keeping them going.
12/12/2018 c30 Goodwifefan
Yay! I heart updates whenever they come! :) But whoa now—this ending is just mean!
8/26/2018 c29 Goodwifefan
You’re the best! Thanks for this! :)
8/24/2018 c28 Goodwifefan
Ok ok ok. I don’t want it to ever end, but if it must...this was exactly what had to happen. You are amazing! Thanks for humoring me!

What D/C story will you write next? ;)
8/16/2018 c27 7goodwifefan
So so so well done! But this isn’t really the END end...right? :( You have to have more to tell me! So many more adventures to be had in this loveable fanfic! I look forward to the next chapter too, whenever you decide to surprise me with it! :)
5/28/2018 c26 Goodwifefan
Yay! Fangirlsqueee! Happy dance! You UPDATED! :) :) :)

Wonderful chapter as always, but so sad that they are all growing up and moving away! You can’t end it like this with them going to college. That would just be mean!
12/14/2017 c13 hathaross
Loved the reunion ! :) I can picture all of them in the Joshua Carter Center. Miss Kerry and Benton though.
Doug and Carol coming back to Chicago is always the best sceneario
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