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6/19 c41 Guest
I wish Darien and Serena will have a conscious decision not have Rini as their daughter or even their first born. I'm sure with Darien as a doctor, he knows how to prevent that.
6/11 c41 Shira
I read this in less than 24 hours and I’m a crying mess. I love you. You’re so talented. I wish you the best. 3
6/14/2020 c41 claymore78
It was a nice read. Thank you for putting the time and effort.
5/9/2020 c41 6Alysia Of The Pen
Ahh, sweet resolution :D I really loved that Darien had an internal freak-out like Serena did, and that both of their fears could be neatly addressed. This was such a good AU! I loved reading it. If I have a criticism, it's the inconsistent spellings of things like Tsukino and a few grammatical errors. I'm sorry for the six-month gap in my reviews, I had to put a lot of things down due to work getting intense. I did think of this story often in the interim. Thanks for sharing it with us! :D
5/9/2020 c40 Alysia Of The Pen
Removing those specific memories is a very good idea that I wish had been used in canon. The idea of that crystal future hanging over them for the rest of the show was always . . . weird and limiting. Even if it eventually comes to pass, it can be authentically theirs instead of a paradoxical loop of duty.
5/9/2020 c39 Alysia Of The Pen
ZOISITE! Ah, awesome :D Rini and Helios are charming together too. And Nephlite is totally right, Lita, but I doubt she'll listen ;)
5/9/2020 c37 Alysia Of The Pen
That transformation description was so beautiful! The whole Serena/Rini fight is beautiful in the purity of its thematic focus. (And I'm glad Helios is okay.)
5/9/2020 c36 Alysia Of The Pen
Mina/Malachite and their tsun-tsun crap, ahaha. Wait, did Healing Activation kill Helios or just knock him out?
5/9/2020 c35 Alysia Of The Pen
No lie, coming back to this after six months, that recap was REALLY helpful. I love me some evil Rini, and I'm still so curious about how/why Helios is caught up with her. Also love whenever a fic brings in the idea of Dictator Serenity. It's a fascinating concept to play with, even when the fic itself isn't saying that's the reality and just plays with it as a perception.
1/3/2020 c41 2Wicked Lovely 17
11/2/2019 c34 6Alysia Of The Pen
They just stole Malachite straight out of his office. Love it! Rei's decision to follow Serena's method was very nice, showing how they do rely on each other despite the fighting.
10/1/2019 c33 Alysia Of The Pen
"I don't think he ever forgot." I audibly gasped and said "NO!"
9/21/2019 c32 Alysia Of The Pen
This chapter gives us just enough info. It's mysterious and suspenseful. I'm so excited to keep reading!
9/19/2019 c31 Alysia Of The Pen
Hell yes Rei! Never mind, THIS is the best-done chapter.
9/19/2019 c30 Alysia Of The Pen
I think this is your best chapter yet. Her father feels a bit OOC, but it's part of the premise and we hadn't seen him but briefly for the rest of the story.
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